[TOPLESS] Public Sun-tanning at Marina Bay Sands Bridge…

from STOMP:

This man was spotted sun-tanning topless on the link bridge near Marina Bay Sands, in full view of passers-by walking past. He appeared completely unconcerned by all the attention he was getting.

This is not the first time people have been spotted sunbathing in public. Another man was also spotted recently catching rays on the roof of a public carpark.

STOMPer Unknown describes the situation:

“While I was out with my friends at Marina Bay Sands, we crossed this bridge link and I saw this guy topless sun-tanning on MBS Bridge.

“I found it pretty funny. 

“Many people who passed there also had a smile on their faces.

“Well, I guess he will most probably be the next ‘tourist attraction’.”


tourist or otherwise, it’s like this guy’s some country bumpkin who’s never been to a beach before. real low class.

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