How to watch on MegaVideo without 72 minute Limit

Here are two tricks you can use to watch MegaVideo movies without the 72 minutes limit. These two method do work 100% but it’s up to you which one you are going to chose or is easier for you.

Method 1:

First of all if your movie stopped after 72 minutes copy the url. Than go to your cable/dsl modem and unplug it from the power as well as router if you have one for about 2 minute. First plug in the cable/dsl modem back and wait until sync, after that plug in the router.

This will change your IP address, open new browser paste the url and than just click on the bar in MegaVideo to about 1 hour (depends on how long the video is long.)

Method 2:

If you found the video you want to watch hit PAUSE button, wait until full movie finish buffering. Go to File>Work Offline on your browser (this is for firefox, see tools etc for safari and IE) , hit play and watch the video , after you are done watching don’t forget to go back to “Work Offline” make sure is unchecked.


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