[UPSKIRT] Taxi Driver Albert Lim Meng Hie, 54, exposed by undergraduate

Albert Lim Meng Hie, 54, was caught using a camera pen inside his taxi to film upskirt videos.

An alert 21-year-old undergraduate exposed taxi driver Albert Lim Meng Hie for filming upskirt videos of his female passengers with a hidden camera.

According to The Straits Times, the university student saw a similar device on online marketplace Alibaba.com and suspected it was a camera pen. When the 54-year-old cabby placed it on an arm rest pointing at her legs, she knew that he was up to no good.

On Thursday, the former taxi driver pleaded guilty to insulting her modesty and that of two other women in April and June 2009 by filming their undergarments.

The court heard that the undergraduate did not directly confront Lim during the taxi ride on the morning of June 30, 2009. Instead, she quietly took pictures of the camera pen with her camera phone.

She then showed these pictures to police offers who found the camera pen in Lim’s apartment in a Pasir Ris condominium that same day.

Officers of the technology crime forensic branch of the Criminal Investigation Department found five upskirt video clips stored in the camera pen.

This is not the first time a camera pen has been used to commit such crimes.

35-year-old sales manager Soo Ee Hock was the first camera pen voyeur to be convicted in December last year.

He was sentenced to nine months in jail on 12 counts of shooting upskirt videos. The former grassroots leader is out on S$20,000 bail and is appealing against the jail term.

Lim will be sentenced next Friday on January 14. The judge will take into consideration two more charges of filming two other victims when passing the sentence.

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