[STRIP] By Malaysian Customs, said two women

TWO Singaporean women who drove into Johor Baru were detained by Malaysian customs, stripped, and made to squat and stand while pulling their ears.

They were detained for 24 hours for “illegal entry” as their passports were not stamped at the Malaysian customs, reported Shin Min Daily News.

The incident occurred last Thursday (June 9) when property agent Ms Lim, 29, went to Changi Airport to pick up a friend, insurance agent Ms Chang, 39, who was returning from a holiday in Hong Kong.

They then decided to drive to Johor Baru for supper at around 1.30am.

Ms Lim told Shin Min Daily News that she drove into Lane 2 and realised that there was no customs officer on duty. She attempted to use the intercom service to ask if there was anyone, but according to her, it was too noisy and she was not able to make out if anyone had replied her.

After five minutes, she decided to use the Touch n Go system to enter into Malaysia. The Touch n Go system is a smart card used at Malaysian highway tolls and can be used to enter the country if travelling from Singapore.

The two noticed that there was no one attending to the fingerprinting scanning system and therefore, were not able to get their passports stamped and checked before entering Johor Baru.

“I immediately made a U-turn towards the Malaysian checkpoint to find an officer to stamp our passports and that was when we were accused of illegal entry.

“We were interrogated by customs officers around 3am and were detained for up to 15 hours.

“We were handcuffed and around 6pm the next day, we were taken to a detention centre in Pontian,” said Ms Chang.

Upon arriving at the detention centre, the two told Shin Min Daily News that they were ordered by a Malay correction officer to take off their clothes and said that this was “normal procedure”.

Ms Chang also said that Ms Lim was given a smelly and old T-shirt to wear while the other detainees wore their own clothes.

She told the Chinese evening daily that the two of them were made to squat and stand while pulling their ears.

They were allowed to wear their clothes only after they had finished ten squats.

Ms Chang said that they were locked up in a cell that was about two-thirds the size of a football field. There were about 50 other detainees in the same cell and were mainly from Indonesia and the Philippines; the two women were the only ones from Singapore.

When Ms Chang asked for a new sanitary pad from one of the detention officers, some of the detainees told her that she will have to use soap and water to wash her soiled pad before disposing it, or else she will be reprimanded by the officers.

She said the toilet was filthy and the stench filled the entire cell, and as the toilet did not have a door, a cloth was used instead, but only covered up to her eyes.

They were also told by their cellmates that they would be punished if they did not finish their food and will be made to stand for an hour if they spoke too loudly.

“There was no mattress or pillow in the cell, so we slept on the floor with bugs and cockroaches,” said Ms Chang.

The two were released the following Saturday at 6am with warning letters. They were not charged or penalis
While they were getting their passports stamped on their way back to Singapore, they were told that they will not be able to enter Malaysia easily after this incident.

It was the first time the two had driven to Malaysia. They told Shin Min Daily News that although they were at fault, they did not understand why they were treated like prisoners.

They also said that they intend to seek a legal help and demand for compensation for their traumatic experience in Malaysia.


Thursday 1.30AM – The women discover there is no officer at the Malaysian customs checkpoint counter. They tap the Touch ‘n Go card and the barrier lifts to allow them through even though their passports are not stamped.

2AM – The realise they have entered JB. They make a U-turn but immigration officers accuse them of illegal entry.

3AM – The two are taken to a meeting room and questioned.

11AM – An immigration officer records their statement.

12PM – The women are told to pay a fine of RM3,000 each. They ask to be taken to an ATM but are left in the room for three hours.

5PM – An officer tells them they will be taken to a detention centre in Pontian.

6PM – In Pontian, they are forced to strip naked and do squats, then put in a cell with other detainees.

Friday 5PM – An immigration officer takes them back to the JB customs checkpoint.

6PM – The women are informed they will be released but end up waiting another three hours.

9PM – After waiting for three hours, they offer to pay the RM6,000 fine but are informed they will only get a warning letter instead of a fine.

12AM – The women are released and return to Singapore in their car. The car has scratches on it that were not there before.


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[SHOCKING] More Girls forced to STRIP

FEMALE middle-school students in Taoyuan County ganged up on a fellow student, physically attacked her, forced her to strip and took pictures of her naked in a vicious case of schoolyard bullying, local media reported yesterday.

The victim reported her behaviour to her parents on Monday, Dec 6, who in turn informed the police. The father of the traumatized girl, with the support of county councilors, yesterday came forward with the story of his daughter’s abuse.
With tears in his eyes, the father expressed his shock at the fact that the bullying happened over a period of weeks, was committed on school grounds, in broad daylight and in view of many students, none of whom came forward to defend the girl or report the behaviour to teachers.

Representatives of the school said they had already taken the initial, necessary actions when the news first surfaced and would comment no further.

According to police reports, the bullying first started two weeks ago, when the victim was dragged by a ringleader surnamed Chen and two other girls to a courtyard right outside of a classroom at the school.

Chen accused the girl of having a big mouth and telling secrets, hitting her several times while another student kicked her as “punishment.” Although the victim claimed she never told any secrets, Chen refused to believe her.

» Taiwan MOE planning new anti-bullying law for schools

The bullying was not without witnesses. Chen rounded up three other girls and terrorized the victim in the same courtyard, in view of several people. Chen allegedly threatened the entire class, warning those tempted to tell teachers to “be careful.”

One of the most vicious schoolyard bullying of a female middle school student in Taoyuan County who was forced to strip and pose naked for pictures by four female students. Many students witnessed the abuse yet no one reported it to school authorities. The victim told her parents on Dec. 6, who took matters in their own hands and made the case public. The father of the traumatized girl, with the support of county councilors, came forward with the story of his daughter’s abuse

The same afternoon, the girls dragged the victim to the bathroom and ordered her to strip, although Chen reportedly forgot her cell phone that day and couldn’t take pictures. She let the victim go after beating her.

Later, Chen once again dragged the victim to the bathroom, made her strip, and forced her to make a peace sign while taking pictures. Chen proceeded to post the pictures online.

When questioned by the police, Chen admitted to the bullying but claimed she had deleted the pictures from the Internet.
The Ministry of Education (MOE) said the school and its members have cooperated with police investigations. It advised that both the bully and victim receive counseling and proposed that the parents of both students sit down and talk. As for punishment, the MOE said the case is still pending investigation


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