[MANGA] SNSD Force into Sex,Corruption, Japanese claim its based on FACTS

A JAPANESE manga comic has sparked anger among Korean netizens for its depiction of lewd scenes of women clad in the signature clothes of Girls’ Generation and KARA’s butt dance.

Korean fans of the two famous girl groups claimed that the manga titled, “An Analysis on the K-Pop Boom Lies” is intended to vilify the groups who have made successful debuts in Japan.

The manga shows former Korean girl group idols-turned-hostesses revealing secrets of the dirty Korean music industry to reporters. The cartoonist of the controversial comic reportedly insists that the story is based on information he acquired.

The comic even talks about a Korean actress, Jang Ja-yeon, who committed suicide last year. Jang claimed in her suicide note that she had been forced into sex with top figures in the entertainment and business world. The comic repeats words such as “suicide,” “lobby” and “corruption” and “sex-for-favor,” intended, netizens claim, to harm the image of the Korean entertainment industry and the Hallyu boom in Japan.

The agencies representing KARA and Girls’ Generation are considering measures to deal with the comic. Girls’ Generation’s agency SM Entertainment reportedly said they are currently in discussion with lawyers in Japan to take strong countermeasures.

– The Korea Herald / Asia News Network


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