[4GUYS]Naked Sleeping improves Sex Life, Reproductive health

For the habit of fully clothed sleep, Sleeping naked like a thing that is very difficult to accept for most of us. In fact, a scientific and rational choice of Sleeping naked does have many advantages, especially for male reproductive health, invaluable.

Help protect the male reproductive function. A lot of people start to feel Sleeping naked embarrassed, in fact, the need for comfort is the human instinct, as long as comfortable and healthy in order to, dressing and undressing are reasonable.

Fast-paced modern life, the daily sleep to a resumption of the physical, to ensure a healthy exercise. A busy day, the strip while sleep is conducive to blood circulation, so that the body stretch yang accessible, and if fully clothed and sleep, especially some of the more fashionable to wear tight underwear, which may affect the blood circulation, so that yang was inhibited, For sexual function is even less beneficial. Underwear too tight, the temperature of the scrotum will increase, leading to sperm production and development barriers and reducing men’s sexuality; the same time, tight-fitting underwear will be to the genitals with a strong friction and pressure, resulting in erectile dysfunction, frequent nocturnal emission, will affect the blood circulation and normal ejaculation. Sleeping naked you can let the temperature drop testicular sperm has become more lively, naturally enhance sexual desire.

Yang abundant blood exuberant middle-aged, as well as thicker thighs, body fat than The male friends, often awoke to find the groin, inner thighs and other private office sweat more.

Sleep underwear absorbs sweat and secretions, humid and airtight the site easy for bacteria to breed breeding, for a long time have resulted in the damp heat accumulation, triggering the wet itching sores.

In summer, wet underwear into the urethra easier to increase the chance of pathogens, and even causing the urinary system and reproductive system organ infection. Choose Sleeping naked these problems could be avoided to enhance the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands are conducive to the discharge and cooling the skin, replacing itching discomfort.

Is conducive to enhancing male sexual self-confidence

Traditional Chinese health advocates comfortable soft tone, often believes in Santa Claus, “a child’s point” refers to the essence of naked as a newborn child in the same pure, comfortable, open-minded attitude, which is the basis for a healthy body and mind. Therefore, choosing the nude of the most important thing is psychologically completely relaxed, first of all can be comfortable facing your own body.

men used to sleep naked since prehistoric age

Sleeping naked a kind of unfettered freedom of pleasure, clinical studies have demonstrated its efficacy in treatment of tension disease is quite obvious, for men due to anxiety and tension resulting from sexual dysfunction are also effective.

For the married life, the naked human body is the best stimulus to arouse sexual desire. Chinese people regard the concept of conjugal life are conservative, a lot of male sexual dysfunction is due to psychological stress, low self-esteem caused husband and wife to one another between the physical, sexual performance evaluations are not unrelated.

Established habit of Sleeping naked a couple pairs of each other’s body is more calm, freer sexual life, men are more easy to take the initiative in sex. At the same time, it is more conducive to reducing the marriage from the psychological barriers and differences, increase opportunities for intimate contact, to each other and more tolerance and appreciation, is conducive to the maintenance of marital relations.

Of course, Sleeping naked must also pay attention to, good health habits is the key, do not put the quilt sheet as of the close pajamas not changed or washed. The choice of bedding material on the sheets have to pay attention to comfort, soft, breathable fabric is better to avoid skin irritant, affecting sleep. In addition, if there is infection of the genitourinary system, you should not Sleeping naked.

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