[OMG] Fiona Xie Sex Video on Facebook Scam

Look out for a fake link leading to a supposed “Fiona Xie sex video”.

The latest scam spreading on Facebook deceives users into ‘liking’ a webpage on Facebook without knowing what the link leads to.

In this scam, a Facebook link shows a picture of Fiona Xie sitting in a bathtub.

The text on the link reads: “Fiona Xie. Is she REALLY as innocent as she looks?

“Private sexual videos of famous Singapore celebrities here. Only enter if you are 18 years old and above.”
Users are fooled into believing that others have already ‘Liked’ the link and are thus encouraged to click it as well.

Internet security company Sophos warns:

“Unfortunately for you, however, this is a honeytrap that takes your browser to a webpage which uses the clickjacking technique to fool you into unknowingly saying you ‘Like’ the page yourself. And in this way, the message spreads virally across Facebook.”

Clickjacking, or ‘likejacking’ scams get users to click on items on webpages without knowing what they are actually clicking on.

Even though this link may not contain any malware or virus, you will be embarrassed that your Facebook friends now know you were seeking for sex videos of Fiona Xie.


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[SCAM] Latest PAP RC Chairman Sex Scam Revealed

39 year old female People’s Association (PA) volunteer has lodged a police report against a 62 year old Residents’ Committee (RC) Chairman for ‘cheating’ her body and money, according to a report in Chinese tabloid Lianhe Wanbao.

The lady accused the RC Chairman of luring her to bed with empty promises that he will marry her eventually. They reportedly have sex more than 30 times in various budget hotels in Singapore.

She also gave him more than $7,000 of her life-savings in her bank as she believed they are going to get married soon only to receive a nasty shock when he told her he will be marrying another woman two weeks ago, prompting her to lodge the police report.

The sex scandal erupted in a central constituency of Singapore and became a talking point among residents living in the neighborhood.

This is the second scandal to hit the PAP grassroots organizations after a Young PAP leader and Chairman of Punggol Park Community Club Danny Soo Ee Hock was jailed nine months for taking over 500 upskirt photos of women.

Though he was arrested in March this year, he was still awarded a Public Service Medal for his ‘contributions’ by the PA during the National Day celebrations.

It is not known if this RC Chairman is a PAP member as well or if he received any awards from the PAP regime whose paramount leader Lee Kuan Yew once boasted unshamedly that ‘all CCs, CCCs and RCs are part of the PAP.’

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