[OMG] KL Drugged Girl Gang Raped in London, Film with Iphone

Girls are always on the disadvantage side when it comes to party, their drink can be spiked and many horrible things can happen to them later.
Its common to have party in western foreign countries, please attend the parties with a group of friends and NEVER leave your DRINK UNATTENDED…


LONDON/KUALA LUMPUR: An 18-year-old Malaysian student in London was allegedly gang-raped by several Russian men, including an intelligence officer who has been charged with the offence.

The Sun tabloid of London, which broke the story on Thursday, reported that the girl had attended a party at the prestigious Bellerbys College in Greenwich, South London, where she is studying.

The report, quoting sources, claimed that the girl was allegedly drugged and then filmed while being assaulted by seven Russian men, including the intelligence officer identified as Oleg Vladimirvich Ivanov, 23.

The attack is said to have happened early last Sunday during the party attended by English language students of the college.

The report stated that police retrieved iPhones with harrowing footage of the victim being gang-raped.

Ivanov was charged with three others identified as Gregory Andreev Melnikov, 22, Norayr Davtyan, 25, and Arnen Simonay, 26, with the offence at the Woolwich Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday and Wednesday.

All four claimed trial and have been remanded.

They will appear at Woolwich Crown Court on Tuesday.

Two other suspects were released on bail while another was released without any charge.

The Sun report stated that the seven men had claimed to be students, but it quoted well-informed sources as saying that Ivanov worked in the Intelligence Section of the Moscow Police.

It stated that Ivanov had only been in Britain for a week before the alleged gang-rape.

The victim was said to have raised the alarm after staggering into a friend’s room.

“She is distraught. She is very young and it is believed she was given a drug before being defiled,” the report quoted a source as saying.

Two students at the college, contacted by The Star last night, were tight-lipped about the incident.

“What we know so far is what everyone has read in the newspaper (The Sun). We refuse to talk about the case as we are not allowed to. Please contact our college officials if you want a comment,” said one of them.

The college officials could not be reached for comment.


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[NEWS] She is Rape by rescuers ?

He was an officer in the Saudi Royal Navy assigned to the strategic Saudi base of Jubail in the Persian Gulf. She was a single mom from Mindanao (in southern Philippines) who saw, like so many others, employment in Saudi Arabia as a route out of poverty.

When he picked her up at the Dammam International Airport in June, little did she know she was entering, not a brighter chapter of her life but a chamber of horrors from which she would be liberated only after six long months.
The tale of woe recounted by Lorena (not her real name) was one of several stories of rape and sexual abuse that were shared by domestic workers with members of a fact-finding team of the Committee on Overseas Workers’ Affairs (COWA) of the Philippine House of Representatives.
The high incidence of rape and sexual abuse visited on the women we met in Philippine government-run shelters for runaway or rescued domestic workers in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Al Khobar most likely reflects a broader trend among Filipina domestics.
“Rape is common,” said Fatimah (also an alias) who had been gang-raped in April 2009 by six Saudi teenagers. “The only difference is we escaped to tell our story while they’re still imprisoned in their households.”


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HONG KONG – A mother sent her 17-year-old daughter for a hymen-repair operation before arranging for her husband to rape the girl, reported Hong Kong Chinese daily Ming Pao.

She also allegedly asked the girl to pose nude for the 37-year-old man.
The teenager said this in a court hearing in Hong Kong after rape charges were filed against her stepfather.

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She said her parents had divorced when she was seven years old, after which her mother married the accused.

When she was 16, she said her 39-year old mother persuaded her to have sex with her stepfather.
“My mother wanted to fulfill his wish to bed a virgin, so she asked me to have sex with him but I was already not one, by then” she said.

She said when her mother found out, she forced her to get her hymen ‘fixed’ and threatened to cut off her fingers if she refused.

The girl eventually agreed to undergo the surgery in May last year.
After that, her mother planned a family holiday to Cheung Chau, with the aim of getting her husband to have sex with the girl.

The man, however, could not wait and raped the teenager at their home.
The teenager told the court that she had complained about the rape to her mother but she did not do anything to help her.

She then lodged a police report as advised by her boyfriend and a social worker.
The defence counsel, however, said the teenager had made up the story after her stepfather refused to buy her a laptop.
The court hearing continues.

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[SHOCKING]Mother ask brother to RAPE sister 12 years old !!! What a mother !!!

AFTER being raped by her brother on her mother’s orders, a 12-year-old girl was given over to a loan shark to settle her mother’s debts.

Since the incident 14 years ago, the victim, who only identified herself as Lili, has turned to prostitution to support herself for the past eight years, reported Harian Metro.

“I blame my mother for my situation now. I will never forgive her,” said Lili, 26.

She said her ordeal began after she went back to stay with her family after living with an aunt for nine years.

“After I was raped, my mother gave me to her loan shark who repeatedly raped me.

“I escaped and told my aunt what my mother and brother had done and she made a police report,” said Lili.

She added her family was in disarray because her mother had also “sold” four other sisters of her 10 siblings.

Lili was taken in by the Welfare Department after her mother and brother were arrested, but moved to Kuala Terengganu once she turned 18 and started to work as a prostitute.

She has three children, two of whom she gave away. She is currently expecting her fourth child.

She is caring for her third child but plans to put her fourth child up for adoption.

[INDONESIA]Toy Salesman Rape 96 Boys in 2 years

JARKATA, INDONESIA – Local police reported that a toy salesman had admitted to raping at least 96 boys over the last two years.

The Straits Times reported that he was arrested last week after parents of one of the alleged victims filed a complaint.

The 34-year-old serial rapist’s victims were mostly street children aged 13 to 17 who loitered at train stations, a police investigator said.

He can face up to 15 years in jail if found guilty.


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[Incest] Rape by Grandfather and Uncle as Sex Slave, Sad but True

When your grandparents and uncle ( 2nd closest to you became the devil in the family)

THREE young girls from Kuching left home after their parents divorced and went to live with their grandfather with the hope of getting protection and peace of mind.

However, it turned out to be two years of nightmare for the sibilings when their grandfather and an uncle allegedly used them as sex slaves, causing the eldest among the girls to become pregnant, Metro Ahad reported.

The girls’ mother suspected something amiss when she noticed some physical changes in her 16-year-old daughter and took her for a medical check-up.

The mother was shocked to learn that her teenage daughter was pregnant and the man responsible was said to be the girl’s 34-year-old uncle.

To make matters worse, the mother found out that the man and the girls’ 57-year-old grandfather had used her three daughters as sex slaves.

The paper, quoting Kuching district police chief Asst Comm Mun Kock Keong, said the police nabbed the two men at 6pm on Friday after the mother made a police report.

It is learnt the girl has been temporarily placed at a welfare home.

Mun said the police had yet to receive any report regarding the alleged sexual asssault on the two younger girls whose ages were not mentioned.

-The Star/Asia News Network

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Girl was RAPED 100 times in 3 months…

THE incident of a young girl who was raped over 100 times in three months was only exposed a few days ago when her mother wrote about it in her weibo (micro-blogging site) last month.

Tang Juan from Yongzhou in China appealed to the public for medicinal prescriptions to help her daughter, 11, who had contracted a sexually-transmitted disease.

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The girl also suffers from minor mental problems after the rapes, reported The Daily Chilli.

On Oct 1, 2006, her daughter followed Zhou Junhui, 23, to dinner – a man whom she had just befriended at an ice-skating arena.

Zhou took her to a video shop after dinner and raped her several times.

He threatened to tell her teachers and classmates, and even kill her entire family, if she told anyone of the rapes.

Two days later, Zhou forced her to follow him to “work”.

The girl then left a note for her parents: “Mama, I can’t study anymore, they wnt me to work, I must go. Mama, I will be back, I must come back…”

Tang lodged a police report and went in search for her daughter.

Tang Juan is being consoled by her husband when she cries while talking about her daughter’s ordeal.

She also started placing missing person notices in various places.

In Dec 2005, a man called and told her he saw her daughter at a leisure club. Police managed to rescue the young girl from that place.

This was when she told her mother that she was assaulted and forced into prostitution.

She said she had sex for over 100 times since she left home and at one time, she was even gang-raped by four men for five hours.

The young girl was given 30 yuan (S$5.92) for every customer she served, while the boss at the leisure club took 70 yuan.

Zhou took all the money she earned.

Police have charged seven people in connection with the case.

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