Priest Rape 17 girl, Philippine

Philippines – A 17-year-old girl from Agusan del Norte filed on Wednesday three cases—acts of lasciviousness, child abuse, and rape, against a Catholic priest in Tubay town with the provincial court.

Leah (not her real name) accused Tubay parish priest Fr. Raul Cabonce of sexually assaulting and raping her several times while she was working under his care.

“I hope he will be imprisoned for his whole life,” she told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in an interview.

Leah’s ordeal began on June 2010 when she got a message from the priest to see him at the convent.

Cabonce, she said, offered to pay for her tuition as a fourth year high school student if she worked at the convent.

Leah, who was 9th in a brood of 12, readily accepted the offer.

“My parents were too poor,” she said. “I wanted to be a doctor.”

On Sept. 16, 2010, the priest made advances to her while she was cooking. Cabonce suddenly put his hand on her breast. Shocked, Leah said she backed away from Cabonce, who made light of his actions, even teasing her for being “too serious.”

A few months later, Leah’s situation at the convent worsened. One evening, Leah said she was summoned by Cabonce to his room. “There were guns in his bedroom. I saw three, two long firearms and one short,” she recalled.

The priest asked for a massage, she said. A few minutes later, the priest started groping her. When she protested and tried to leave, Cabonce forced her to bed and molested her despite her protestations.

Leah said the abuse was repeated several times the next month. She tried to avoid Cabonce while at the convent.

“He would pretend to be holy and say Mass, but he was only wearing a mask. He is not a true servant of God. He only became a priest to gain money,” she said.

According to her affidavit, the priest forced her twice to give him oral sex. Cabonce, she said, was so violent that he made her gums bleed.

Leah recounted that every time she was in the bedroom, the priest made it a point to show her his firearms.

‘I will kill your family’

Once, he threatened her not to speak about the abuse. “He said, don’t tell this to anyone or I’ll kill your family,” she said. Cabonce also threatened her once with a knife.

Leah said she endured the sexual assaults because she wanted to finish her studies.

Last March, when the academic year ended, she finally left the convent and reported the abuse to her mother.

The militant women’s group Gabriela has put Leah under its care while she underwent medical and psychological exams in Manila.

Gabriela said there may be more victims like Leah, whose trust and poverty are being exploited.

Medico-legal findings from the Philippine General Hospital and from a team of health experts in Mindanao showed there was a possibility of sexual abuse.

Three psychological reports also revealed that the victim was harboring suicidal thoughts and was suffering from post-traumatic disorder.

In June this year, Leah tried to kill herself by slashing her wrists.

Anticipating that the priest had left the parish, Leah urged the Catholic hierarchy to investigate her case. “I hope that they are not hiding him,” she said.

Cabonce is under the jurisdiction Butuan Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos.

Lana Libanan, Gabriela secretary-general, urged the Catholic Church to surrender Cabonce to authorities.


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[RAPE] Commando polytechnic student raped 13 year old

A 24-year-old polytechnic student was sentenced to jail for 13 years by Singapore’s High Court on Friday after he was found guilty of raping a 13-year-old.
Wang Jianbin had raped the teenager in her room while her brother was in the living room with his piano teacher.
The former commando pleaded guilty to rape. One charge each of criminal intimidation and sexual assault were taken into consideration as well.
High Court judge Chan Seng Onn also ordered Wang to be given 15 strokes of the cane.
Wang had asked through his lawyer for more strokes of the cane so that he could have a shorter jail sentence to be with his mother and 10-year-old sister, but the judge did not say if the request affected his sentence, according to The Straits Times.
The punishment was heavier than expected as the prosecution had asked the court to give him at least 10 years’ jail and six strokes of the cane.
Wang came here from China with his family in 1997 and became a Singaporean in 2005.
Through a ‘making friends’ column in a teen magazine, Wang got to know the secondary school girl involved in October 2009.
Even though she told him she had a boyfriend and was not interested, the then 23-year-old still harassed her through instant messaging, text messages and phone calls.
Wang kept plying her with sexual questions, such as the colour of her underwear and whether she had a boyfriend she had sex with.
Uneasy, the girl told him that she was in a sexual relationship with her boyfriend and was not interested in meeting him when he pressed to meet with her.
On 2 Dec, with a 17-year-old male friend visiting her in her home, the girl received messages from Wang asking for her address as he wanted to visit her.
But she turned him down, and even gave the phone to her friend and asked him to pose as her father to give a warning to Wang not to harass her, the newspaper reported.
Unfazed, Wang said that he already knew where she lived. He threatened to “find trouble” and bring his gang to “mess up” her home and reveal to her parents that she had sex with her boyfriend.
The friend then called another boy, aged 18, to join them at her home for backup.
When Wang arrived, the girl had already instructed the two boys to hide in her mother’s room and to call for help if she could not deal with Wang.
The girl thought that Wang would not do anything to her with her brother and his piano teacher in the flat, and followed his instructions to bring him to her room.
After closing the door, Wang started violating the girl.
Thinking to help the girl, the 18-year-old friend barged into the room with a martial arts spear belonging to the girl’s brother.
But it was a futile attempt as he was chased out after a struggle.
While her two friends ran for help, Wang raped her. When the boys returned with civil defence officers, followed by the police, Wang was still around and was arrested.
The punishment for rape is up to 20 years’ jail and caning or a fine.

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[OMG]Girl hypnotised and raped in Malaysia, just by looking in the eyes

Petaling Jaya (The Star/ANN) – An 18-year-old Malaysian girl has lodged a police report a month after she was raped, reported Malaysian newspaper Harian Metro.

The girl claimed that she was hypnotised by a man in his 20s at their first meeting during lunch on a working day.

She said the man looked straight into her eyes while muttering something to himself.

A police source said the woman claimed that she could not remember being raped even after the suspect sent her back to the office hours later.

She only realised something was amiss the next morning after she woke up.

She recollected that she was taken into a Taman Bukit Permai house in Ampang the day earlier and was raped.

“The victim, who suddenly realised what had happened, called the man but he turned off his phone.

“She made her police report on the matter on Monday in Pandan Indah police station,” the police source added.

Ampang Jaya police chief ACP Amiruddin Jamaluddin confirmed receiving the report and that they are investigating.

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[OMG] Man Claims to HEAL by raping the girl

KLANG: A LORRY driver allegedly claiming to be a “bomoh” claimed trial at a Sessions Court here for two counts of raping a minor who had sought his help.

Azizan Mahadi, 47, from Kampung Jawa, pleaded not guilty before judge Nor Sharidah Awang here yesterday.

He was charged under Section 376(f) of the Penal Code for having sexual intercourse with the 17-year-old.

He was alleged to have obtained her consent by gaining her trust after deceiving her into believing he was a “bomoh”. The victim was said to have come to him for treatment.

The offence was allegedly committed in a rented room at No. 48, Jalan Melikai, Taman Kapar at about 3pm in February.

Azizan also faced another count of raping the girl at the same place and time in March. He was arrested on April 18.

If convicted, he faces a minimum eight years imprisonment and a maximum of 30 years and whipping.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Aimi Syazwani Sarmin offered a RM20,000 bail.

The accused, who was unrepresented, pleaded to the court for a lower bail.

Nor Sharidah set bail at RM12,000 in one surety and fixed June 14 for mention.

-The Star/Asia News Network

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[OMG] He Rape His 14 year Step-sister

He committed offence four times; girl was 14 when first raped and gave birth last year
A YOUTH who raped his step-sister on four occasions was jailed for 10 years and ordered to be given 12 strokes of the cane yesterday.

The girl, aged 14 at the time of the first rape, had not told her family as she felt ashamed of what had happened. She gave birth to a girl early last year and the child has since been fostered out.

The accused, now 18, pleaded guilty to two counts of rape in February and March in 2009 and the other two charges were considered during sentencing. He cannot be named to protect the girl’s identity.

The pair had been living in the same household since 1997 when the victim’s father married the accused’s mother. They have a younger half-brother.

Arguing for an appropriate jail term and caning, Deputy Public Prosecutor Gail Wong said the girl was just 14 when she was first sexually assaulted by her step-brother, then 16.

She said the accused had failed to protect his step-sister and betrayed the trust. He repeatedly committed the rapes over a few months with some degree of force used, she added.

The court heard that the accused returned to his Bedok North flat from a juvenile home that weekend in February 2009. A Juvenile Court had sentenced him to stay in a juvenile home for two years from November 2007 for rioting.

He began harassing the victim by hitting her on the arms. She hit him back playfully as they had used to do when they were younger. The accused suddenly felt an urge to have sex.

He caught hold of her and despite her resisting, dragged her into her bedroom and locked the door.

She shouted to her half-brother to take the spare keys and open the door but the accused told the then-nine-year-old boy not to disturb. He then raped her. He repeated the offence when he was on home leave again the following month.

In his oral grounds of decision, Community Court Judge Ng Peng Hong said the accused – assessed to be simplistic in his thinking – was a recalcitrant.

He agreed with the DPP that the accused was undeterred by the Juvenile Court’s rehabilitative sentence, and that a deterrent punishment was needed. The offences were not isolated incidents but a “persistent course of reprehensible conduct”, he added.

The judge did not give much weight to the victim’s undated letter of forgiveness and appeal for leniency as she was young and might not appreciate the seriousness of the matter. “I also caution myself that the victim might have written the letter out of fear and pressure from the family,” he added.

The 16-year-old girl is not currently schooling.

The accused’s lawyer Josephus Tan had asked for a second chance for his client through a stint in reformative training. He said the entire judicial process had taught the accused a very bitter and traumatic lesson in that he now had to shoulder the disappointments of his family and the shame of his actions.

The accused could have been jailed for up to 20 years, fined or caned on each charge.


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[OMG] Ong Mingwee convicted Rape in Toa Payoh North

SINGAPORE – A man was convicted of raping a young woman at a flat in Toa Payoh North more than two years ago.
The Straits Times reported that Ong Mingwee, 29, who runs a family-owned provision shop, had claimed trial to the offence which took place at the unit above the shop at Block 203 in the early hours of Feb 12, 2009.
Ong was sentenced to seven years’ jail and eight strokes of the cane on Tuesday.
But they ended up at his place, and he would not allow her to leave unless she had sex with him.The court heard that he met the 22-year-old woman for the first time at nightspot Zouk, and he danced with her. He then left with her in a cab at about 4am to take her home.
In convicting him, District Judge Hamidah Ibrahim said that his assertion that the woman had consented to have sex with him had not been made out.
Lianhe Wanbao also reported that the prosecution brought up nine points that showed that Ong had lied about not raping the woman.
These were:
1) A consultant forensic pathologist testified that the woman would not be capable of giving consent with her then-level of intoxication, which is estimated to be 255 ethanol per 100ml of blood.
2) The victim had made frantic calls to her mother and the girlfriend who was present at Zouk with Ong and the woman. The girlfriend also testified that the woman had sounded frightened over the phone. She was also crying when she asked them to take her home. Judge Hamidah said it did not make sense that the victim could not have gone from being frightened to willing.
3) The victim had been inside Ong’s room for a while, yet she did not leave when she could have done so. This showed that she was intoxicated to the point where she could not make a decision for herself.
4) Ong knew that the woman wanted to leave, but he refused to let her leave until she had sex with him. He claimed that he wanted to get to know her better, but under interrogation, he admitted to feeling physical desire for her.
5) That the victim had been crying and it frustrated Ong showed that she was not willing to have sex with him.
6) The prosecution said Ong was not truthful when he said he did not bring the woman back to his place for the purpose of having sex. During his testimony, the prosecution pointed out that Ong had left the room to smoke, before coming back to the room where the victim was and climbed on top of her.
7) Ong had made use of the time and opportunity to ensnare the woman into satisfying his sexual desire. He claimed that he had been embarassed when she danced sexily against him in Zouk, and yet he had brought her back home and had sex with her when she was crying.
8) Ong said that he would hurt her. This also showed that the victim had feared for her safety, and she was under duress when she had sex with him.
9) Ong refused to reveal his address to the woman’s mother. This showed that he had ill intentions.
Defence Counsel Goh Siok Leng will mitigate for him this afternoon.

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[KL Ampang] 2 young boys lure girl, 9, to rape her

Two young boys lured a nine-year-old girl to a deserted alley in Ampang ( Ampang is a district in Malaysia that is located in both the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and the state of Selangor)
and took turns to rape her.

The alleged rapists, aged 10 and 14, had earlier followed her from a nearby shopping mall to a restaurant but she did not suspect they would harm her because she knew them.

Adding insult to the girl’s injury, the mother of one of the boys slapped the girl’s mother when she confronted the suspect’s family over the 10pm assault on Tuesday.

A police source told Harian Metro the victim had left her mother’s stall at the mall for a while to go to a washroom at the nearby restaurant.

Ampang Jaya police chief Asst Comm Amiruddin Jamaluddin confirmed receiving the report from the victim’s mother.


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[OMG] English 30-year-old virgin Raped in front of motorists

ENGLAND – A 30-year-old woman who was a virgin, was raped in full view of motorists who drove by without lending a hand.

English online newspaper The Daily Mail reported that the attacker, Gary Gunstone, followed the victim as she was leaving her boyfriend’s home and walking to her parents’ home in Bideford, North Devon just after midnight.

He then dragged her to the pavement and raped her in front of passing drivers. He also told her he had a knife which he was prepared to use on her.

According to The Daily Mail, he later denied the rape charges in court and said that she willingly had sex with him after he approached her.

It turned out that this incident happened only two weeks after Gunstone had finished his jail sentence for a similar attack 18 months ago.

Gunstone has been jailed for four years and three months. A parole board will decide if and when he can be released.


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[SHOCKING] Girl 13, no more Virgin But not RAPE

Woman, now 22, isn’t the only one. Counsellors say more teens under age 16 are having sex.

SHE is a bright student from an average Singapore family.

She was never abused, even if she felt a little neglected at times. Yet, as a young teen, she was rebellious and defiant.

And she experimented with sex from a young age. She lost her virginity at the tender age of 13.

Lisa (not her real name) is now a 22-year-old university student and she said it was all because of curiosity.

She was a little troubled about what she had done, but for all of two weeks.

It was soon just another incident in her life.

Lisa is one of an apparently growing number of young girls who have no qualms about experimenting with sex at a young age, and do not seem to regret their actions.

More than 40 per cent of nearly 1,500 people who took part in a recent Internet poll said they had sex for the first time before they were 18.

The Today newspaper quoted police figures as showing that there were 198 cases of sexual penetration of girls under the age of 16 last year, 10 more than in 2009. It is against the law for anyone to have sex with those under the age of 16.

If a girl under the age of 14 is involved, the crime is treated as statutory rape.

The poll, conducted by the online forum Flowerpod, was not gender specific, but several of those who took part said they first had sex when they were as young as 13.

Dr Carol Balhetchet, the director of youth services at the Singapore Children’s Society, also said she knew of a girl who had sex when she was just 13 years old.

So it would appear that Lisa’s case is not so unusual.

Lisa told TheNewPaper that she grew up feeling the incident had made her who she is today – stronger and less naive.
It happened one night when she decided to go to her then-boyfriend’s house.

“One thing just led to another,” she said. Afterwards, she didn’t think of sex as a big deal any more. “It didn’t seem as magical as most people described their ‘first time’ to be,” she said.

She temporarily regretted that her first time wasn’t with someone she had genuine feelings for. “I didn’t love him at all,” she said. She remains convinced that sex is important in a long-term relationship. “It bonds two people together in a unique way,” she said.

Lisa said her parents still don’t know about the incident. “My parents were always working, so they didn’t know what was going on,” she said…


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[SHOCKING] Rape and Assault ended up in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

SEREMBAN, Malaysia: A young woman who is believed to have been raped and assaulted before being dumped on the roadside is in the Intensive Care Unit of the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital (TJH) here.

The unidentified woman in her 20s suffered serious head injuries and was found unconscious near a traffic intersection in Lukut, Port Dickson, by passers-by at 6.35am on Friday morning.

State OCCI ACP Hamdan Majid said motorists noticed a woman clad in a pink T-shirt and knee-length denim pants lying by the roadside and called for an ambulance.

“The victim may have been hit with a blunt object as she had sustained injuries to the back of her head,” he said.

ACP Hamdan said the victim also sustained injuries on both elbows and knees, which may have been a result of her being dragged on the road.

“Her identity is unknown but we believe she is local. She is still in the ICU but her condition is stable now,” he said.


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