[OMG] Thai Couple Sex in Singapore park caught and fine $1000

SINGAPORE – A THAI couple who had sex in a public park on Sunday evening were each fined $1,000 on Tuesday.

The Straits Times reported that the couple pleaded guilty in court to committing an obscene act at Harmony Hub along Beach Road at about 11pm.
Ngernthaisong Phichet, 36, a construction worker, and his girlfriend, Phloetphrao Somphan, 35, were caught in the act by an auxiliary policeman who was patrolling near Beach Road.

He heard sounds coming from the nearby bushes inside Harmony Hub and shone the torchlight towards the bushes only to find the naked couple having sex.

Somphan was here on a social visit pass.
For the offence, they could have been jailed for up to three months and/or fined.


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