[BOTTOMLESS] Woman takes off pants to hit cops

A WOMAN, who attacked a police officer in China with her pants, has been sentenced to eight months in prison.

In a video uploaded onto the Internet, she is seen naked waist down and using her pants, which she took off, to whip policemen and a police car.

One of them suffered a concussion and blacked out.

The woman, whose surname is Chu, created a scene in Nanjing at noon on August 3 when police officers tried to bring her back to the police station.

According to website China Smack, Chu had accidently hit a man while trying to run a red light at the Zhongyang North Road overpass.

She said that “he wanted compensation, I would only agree to paying him 2 RMB (S$0.39), so he called the police.”

Fearing her electric tricycle would be impounded, Chu took off her pants and started attacking the police officers by whipping them with it.

She also started shoving the officers.

One of the police officers, who backfaced her as she was naked waist down, lost consciousness after being hit by Chu and was rushed to the hospital.

He is reportedly suffering from a superficial injury to his head and a concussion.

Chu did not realise she had gotten herself in serious trouble only until she was arrested.

“At the time, I was naked from the waist down, and a lot of people were looking on.

“The cop was a guy, and didn’t dare face me. I used this kind of method to threaten the traffic officer, so he wouldn’t be able to do his job.”

China Smack reported that Chu, who is from Langxi county of Anhui province, came to Nanjing to make a living but did not manage to find a job as she is illiterate.

She survived by picking up grabage and panhandling around a train station.

Chu met a 70-year-old elderly Nanjing man, who rented a place with her. Seeing she had nothing to do, the man bought her an electric tricycle.

She then operated as an illegal pedicab near the station everyday to earn some income.

Chu burst into tears in her detention room while speaking to a reporter after her trial, repeatedly saying that she was very sorry for what she did to the officer.

“I didn’t mean to knock him out. Hitting him was just to get him to leave, I didn’t think he would pass out, I’m sorry!” said Chu.

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