[OMG] Mass Nude Dead Sea shoreline shoot, Artistic Photography

JERUSALEM: American art photographer Spencer Tunick is seeking funds and models for one of his trademark mass shoots of naked volunteers, this time at Israel’s Dead Sea shoreline.

A statement from online art fundraiser Kickstarter.com said that the goal was to raise $60,000 (S$73,578) by June 6 to fund the project entitled “Naked Sea.”

Some of Tunick’s previous shoots included one of 18,000 nudes in Mexico City’s Zocalo Square and another of 7,000 in Barcelona, Spain.

Kickstarter said that Tunick had been motivated to try the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, because of its natural beauty and to draw attention to the danger to its future caused by evaporation of its salt-saturated waters.

“This project is dear to me, one that I have dreamed of since my early days as an artist,” Tunick wrote in the statement.

“I look forward to your support in exposing a part of Israel that has not been seen before and at the same time bring attention to the deteriorating situation of the the Dead Sea.”

Experts have repeatedly warned that the Dead Sea could dry out by 2050 unless vital measures are taken to halt the decay of the world’s lowest and saltiest body of water, experts say.

The surface level is plunging by a metre a year and the shoreline has receded by more than a kilometre in some places, according to some calculations.

Both Israel and Jordan are exploiting the Dead Sea tourist trade, with luxury hotels on either shore.

Both have also set up massive evaporation pools that harvest Dead Sea minerals like potash, or potassium carbonate, used to produce soap, glass, baking soda and fertilisers.

For centuries, the sea’s delicate balance was maintained by the Jordan river, its only year-round water source. But in recent decades Israel and Jordan have been diverting its waters into large irrigation projects.

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[NUDE] Public Art on the Street

Photographers are often said to bare their souls through their pictures.

But Parisian Erica Simone has taken this to the next level by literally laying herself bare – she has photographed herself in nothing but her birthday suit on the streets of New York.

The 25-year-old has turned doing daily routines in the city to works of art simply by removing her clothes.

And Simone made the daring decision to step out from behind the camera and go au naturel in a series of self-portraits taken in and around the Big Apple.

Speaking to the Daily Mail she said: “At first it was like, ‘Can I really do this?’ I was into the idea, but I didn’t totally have the [nerve] to do it – I’m not totally an exhibitionist.”

“But I managed to do it on my first day of shooting in the West Village and I didn’t even get arrested.”

“I think that was just a combination of good timing and luck, and it is not as if I just spent the whole day walking around naked. I was fully clothed until I was ready to take the shot.”

“It’s not about sex. It’s crazy that it’s illegal to be naked. The whole process was really liberating and it made me feel freer and more comfortable in my own skin and not be ashamed of my body.”
In the pictures, she rides the subway, checks out library books and shovels the snow on the sidewalk outside her apartment – all in the nude.

The 20 shots are part of Simone’s new exhibit Nue York: Self-Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen, which opens next month at the Dash Gallery in Tribeca.

Simone said the inspiration for the exhibition came to her during Fashion Week two years ago.

She said: “I was sitting around thinking about fashion and what would we be if we were naked and what if we didn’t have fashion to show who we were, our status, how much money we had, all these things.”

“Then I got the photographic idea of shooting people naked in the street, but just doing regular things, not especially posing, or being naked, but doing whatever.”

She said was not sure if she herself could go through with it but was intrigued by the challenge of staging the shots – which she took using a remote sensor – and stripping down to her birthday suit.

She said the general public were very accepting of her nudity and she did not have any bad experiences while doing it.
“Most people were laughing, smiling or applauding and cheering. They seemed OK with it,” she said. “The most challenging one was on the subway. I had to ride the whole way from West 14th Street to the end of the line to get the right shot.”

“The only person I told was the guy next to me as he had to hold my coat. But by the time some people even found out about it, I was clothed again.”

Simone also said she has come a long way from the first shot to where she is now.

“The first few times I was so nervous and I guess innocent about everything, and yeah it was scary a bit as well,” she said.

“But now I don’t care about being naked. I am more concerned about getting the shot right rather than worrying about being naked or what people in the streets are thinking.”


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Dead Nude French Model Isabelle Caro is 32kg ONLY !!!

GENEVA — A former French model who caused a stir with a 2007 ad campaign in which she was photographed nude with anorexia, died last month at the age of 28, the 20 Minutes.ch website reported Wednesday.

Isabelle Caro’s boyfriend, Swiss singer Vincent Bigler, confirmed her death, saying she passed away on November 17 after spending about two weeks in hospital with acute respiratory disease although he did not know the cause of death.

Caro hit the spotlight in 2007 when she bared her emaciated frame for pictures by controversial Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani for an anti-anorexia campaign for a clothing company that was released in Milan fashion week.

At the time she weighed just 32 kilogrammes (70.5 pounds) for a height of 1.65 metres (5.4 feet).

Her picture caused a stir, sparking debate in the fashion industry. It was banned by Italy’s advertising watchdog while France’s authority told French companies not to use it.

“She was hospitalised for 15 days with acute respiratory disease and was recently also very tired, but I do not know the cause of her death,” Bigler told the 20 Minutes.ch.

Caro suffered from anorexia from the age of 13 and fell into a coma in 2006 when her weight dropped to 25kg. She fought the eating disorder and announced early 2010 that her weight had risen to 42kg, 20 Minutes said.

Caro said in 2007 she had decided to pose for Toscani’s “No to Anorexia” campaign to alert young women to the dangers of being too thin.

“I thought this could be a chance to use my suffering to get a message across, and finally put an image on what thinness represents and the danger it leads to — which is death,” she said.

According to other reports, news of her death, which was confirmed by her acting coach, Daniele Dubreuil-Prevot, was only told by the model’s family to a few close friends, with a small funeral held for her.


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[SHOCKING] NUDE maid SEX Chat for extra cash

SINGAPORE – A foreign domestic worker appears nude on webcam with strangers online to earn herself
an extra buck.

The woman, who is Filipino, uses social networking tools such as Facebook and Yahoo! Messenger to engage her sideline activities during working hours, reported STOMP.

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Reader Singapore Citizen who wrote into STOMP claims that she gets paid for appearing nude over the webcam.

The unidentified woman apparently works for a family who lives along Bukit Timah Road.

She accesses the Internet via a laptop and changes accounts all the time.

According to the reader, she is contacted by multiple men over the net and dates some of them. In February 2010, she apparently got pregnant but had an abortion.

Photographs sent in by the reader show her chat conversations and illustrate her activities.

The reader feels that such actions are against the law. He said: “Foreign domestic worker misbehaves herself during her employment.

“She has become like a prostitute and is breaking Singapore regulations for foreign domestic workers.

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Ex-boyfriend post nude pictures of girlfriend online

A woman lodged a police report in Singapore complaining that she was cheated by her former boyfriend, who took nude pictures of her and posted them on the Internet.

China Press reported that the pictures were offered for viewing at S$150.

The victim from Hangzhou, China, identified as Lee, 26, said the man collected the money but did not share a single cent with her. Instead, he broke off the relationship.

Lee and her boyfriend graduated from an arts college in Singapore before they started dating and living in together.

However, Lee said she could not get a job after graduation and tried her luck at modelling.

She even attended a modelling course. However, she failed in several auditions.

In 2008, the boyfriend showed her some photographs and asked her to pose naked for “art photos” to earn some income.

The man produced 28 photo albums, uploaded them on the Internet and charged a viewing fee of S$150 for each album.

Lee has engaged a lawyer to take legal action against her former boyfriend.

–The Star/Asia News Network


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