[NAKED] Sushi at Holland Village

PHOTO: Secret Cooks Club
IMAGINE eating sushi off a naked woman.
That happened at someone’s home in Hollang Village and attended by six guests who did not know each other.
One of them was Frenchman Mr Cornu, 26, who, together with Dr Denisa Kera, 36, formed the Secret Cooks Club earlier this year.
Describing themselves as a group of people who are passionate about design, technology and food, Dr Kera, told The New Paper in an e-mail interview that they were just trying to have fun with some new and challenging ideas.
More in The New Paper on Sunday (June 19).

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http://www.youtube.com/embed/EvQVtLDRLN0” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


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[PICTURE] China Naked woman up on electric tower

A mentally-ill woman had to be rescued from a high-voltage electricity tower after she climbed up there and suffered injuries after being electrocuted.
China Smack reported that the woman, who was naked, had climbed onto the tower which was located along a road intersection in Tianjin. She was barely conscious after suffering electrocution from the live wires on the tower.
The rescue operation took over 2 hours and involved cooperation from many departments, including the fire department and the electricity company. The incident took place on 31 March 2011.The woman remained stuck nearly 20 metres above the ground, and hung in mid-air on the tower which carried 220,000 volts of electricity.
An ambulance was on hand to bring the woman to hospital for treatment and her situation is reported to be stable.

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[SHOCKING] Naked University Model Su Zizi’s Story

Her poverty, forced relocation, naked modelling and a prestigious college education are all ingredients for a good story, but is it true?

Her experience even made me feel guilty because I still needed my parents’ support when I was her age and studying at the same university that she now attends.

However, her actions have been increasingly astonishing and I am starting to wonder whether she is all she says she is.

After her name became well known, Su got naked for a group interview in an aquarium fish store.

Her naked pictures have also regularly been posted online. She says she is an artist rather than a model and said the interview was just her creation.

I have no problem with any model willing to get naked for the sake of art.

But it is doubtful that the 19-year-old woman really meant that, since she had made so many paradoxical statements about her life.

In a video interview released online last month, which promoted her for the first time, Su Zizi, crying, said she had to become a naked model in early 2010 because she needed the money as her family was destitute and she could not even afford her tuition fees.

Su also said her family home had been forcefully torn down and that she had to deal with everything by herself. Her modeling was her only source of income, she claimed.

I can’t say what she said is not true, still, I have some doubts.

If it was all true, how did she manage to get into a prestigious university? And how did she manage to pay her tuition? In normal circumstances, her tuition as an arts student would be more than 10,000 yuan a year.

Maybe it is a profitable job to be a naked model but I still feel confused because in China most students from needy families would not choose an art major because the major costs more than others. Military or normal colleges are more popular choices for people from poor families.

But Su said she began to learn drawing when she was a 7-year-old, which would cost even more, including paraphernalia and tutor fees. How could her family support her education throughout these years, if her father only earned about 1,000 yuan each month, as Su claimed?

In China, plenty of young women become naked models silently and few of them get famous just because of the job.

Poverty, forced relocation, naked modeling, prestigious college. Each is eye-catching and attracts media and audience attention, which makes me think the girl is making up her story just to get famous. Without those tags, she is just a young woman.

What made me doubt her even more is that Su now claims she is doing it all for the art, instead of the money as she previously claimed. Which one is her real motive? Maybe the real answer is not important any more.

It will not be a problem to survive in the business for her now and more interviews await. But it is very likely that the story of Su Zizi is no more than another flash in the pan in today’s showbiz world.

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[NAKED] Photo posted on Friendster

There were two incidents believed to have related to two Singapore girls that had caused a storm recently. And what they have done were to post their naked photos online. These escapades stirred up great comments, eventually get snapped on newspaper!

Let’s go for the first one. This Singapore girl posted her naked pictures on her Friendster’s profile. Showing her after showering in bare. And she was told to be only 21 year old. While you might not be able to find her profile again in Friendster, you will still be able to find some of the censored pictures in online searches.

Some of the comments that I have read involves the natural of this acts. One commented it was just a fooling prank from this Singapore girl’s friend(s), unintentionally sneaked out from the bag. While others were saying the Singapore girl’s pictures in bare might be just a substitution from others.

The next incident involved another of the two Singapore girls in her youth, posting her private parts photos explicitly taken within the staircase of a residential building on a foreign social website. It is believed to be one of the HDB residential flats in Singapore according to the background designs.

The first photo I have seen, was her cigarette on the left hand while looking forward, sitting on the staircase showing her miniskirt folded up to the waist and display her nether undies with two legs apart. The second pose was hand-lifting her pink color T-Shirt showing the Singapore girl’s breasts following the first action while turning her head off to the left with hairs covering her face.

Subsequent photos showing her standing at the corridor on the 13th floor in consecutive shots. First, wearing with a jacket, next, loosen her suspending shirt showing her breasts and then squatting down to show her nether part again with hairs covering her face.

From those photos, I was wondering who has been taking photos for them? Some of them doesn’t look like self-taken, apparently they are amateur without the help of any professional photographer. I don’t think they would take a tripod with them for this kind of extemporaneous shots.

Before hand, there were quite a few incidents related to Singapore girls uploaded similar shots. Some of them have audacious actions within the medias. What has gone to the mind of Singapore girls to post their nude photos online, commented by a Stomper. Wondering if it is a trend for Singapore girls to show their nude photos online.

Most probably, those Singapore girls won’t get any incentives for doing that in a free social network website. And the point is, why did they do that for nothing? Is it because of getting more friends in a similar group? Or just showing off their gorgeous figure? You shall give the comments.

A STOMPer came across a profile of a girl on Friendster, in which she posted a naked photo of herself.

Says the STOMPer in an email to STOMP:

“Last night I saw these photos on the Friendster website.

“It belonged to a very open-minded 21 year old girl.

“I wonder is it against the law if we upload our naked photo on our own Friendster webpage for people to see.

“I really wonder how come nowadays young girls are so open-minded until they are willing to do these things.

“What are they trying to show, and what is their way of thinking?”


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[SHOCKING] Suicide Naked Woman hanging outside window

China Press and Sin Chew Daily reported that a naked 19-year-old girl was rescued after she was found clinging on to the window of a hotel in Singapore.

Police and civil defence department personnel brought her down using a skylift.

The girl, who is believed to be in a state of shock, was seen crying non-stop for her mother.

A passer-by known only as Daim, had earlier tried to calm her down while waiting for help.

A police spokesman told newsmen that the girl had been detained to facilitate investigations for allegedly attempting to commit suicide.

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[4GUYS]Naked Sleeping improves Sex Life, Reproductive health

For the habit of fully clothed sleep, Sleeping naked like a thing that is very difficult to accept for most of us. In fact, a scientific and rational choice of Sleeping naked does have many advantages, especially for male reproductive health, invaluable.

Help protect the male reproductive function. A lot of people start to feel Sleeping naked embarrassed, in fact, the need for comfort is the human instinct, as long as comfortable and healthy in order to, dressing and undressing are reasonable.

Fast-paced modern life, the daily sleep to a resumption of the physical, to ensure a healthy exercise. A busy day, the strip while sleep is conducive to blood circulation, so that the body stretch yang accessible, and if fully clothed and sleep, especially some of the more fashionable to wear tight underwear, which may affect the blood circulation, so that yang was inhibited, For sexual function is even less beneficial. Underwear too tight, the temperature of the scrotum will increase, leading to sperm production and development barriers and reducing men’s sexuality; the same time, tight-fitting underwear will be to the genitals with a strong friction and pressure, resulting in erectile dysfunction, frequent nocturnal emission, will affect the blood circulation and normal ejaculation. Sleeping naked you can let the temperature drop testicular sperm has become more lively, naturally enhance sexual desire.

Yang abundant blood exuberant middle-aged, as well as thicker thighs, body fat than The male friends, often awoke to find the groin, inner thighs and other private office sweat more.

Sleep underwear absorbs sweat and secretions, humid and airtight the site easy for bacteria to breed breeding, for a long time have resulted in the damp heat accumulation, triggering the wet itching sores.

In summer, wet underwear into the urethra easier to increase the chance of pathogens, and even causing the urinary system and reproductive system organ infection. Choose Sleeping naked these problems could be avoided to enhance the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands are conducive to the discharge and cooling the skin, replacing itching discomfort.

Is conducive to enhancing male sexual self-confidence

Traditional Chinese health advocates comfortable soft tone, often believes in Santa Claus, “a child’s point” refers to the essence of naked as a newborn child in the same pure, comfortable, open-minded attitude, which is the basis for a healthy body and mind. Therefore, choosing the nude of the most important thing is psychologically completely relaxed, first of all can be comfortable facing your own body.

men used to sleep naked since prehistoric age

Sleeping naked a kind of unfettered freedom of pleasure, clinical studies have demonstrated its efficacy in treatment of tension disease is quite obvious, for men due to anxiety and tension resulting from sexual dysfunction are also effective.

For the married life, the naked human body is the best stimulus to arouse sexual desire. Chinese people regard the concept of conjugal life are conservative, a lot of male sexual dysfunction is due to psychological stress, low self-esteem caused husband and wife to one another between the physical, sexual performance evaluations are not unrelated.

Established habit of Sleeping naked a couple pairs of each other’s body is more calm, freer sexual life, men are more easy to take the initiative in sex. At the same time, it is more conducive to reducing the marriage from the psychological barriers and differences, increase opportunities for intimate contact, to each other and more tolerance and appreciation, is conducive to the maintenance of marital relations.

Of course, Sleeping naked must also pay attention to, good health habits is the key, do not put the quilt sheet as of the close pajamas not changed or washed. The choice of bedding material on the sheets have to pay attention to comfort, soft, breathable fabric is better to avoid skin irritant, affecting sleep. In addition, if there is infection of the genitourinary system, you should not Sleeping naked.

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[ SHOCKING ] Naked Woman Board Bus in Bedok Singapore

ARE we becoming a nudist colony? Early this week, a man strutted stark naked into a McDonald’s at Queensway to order a cup of coffee.

Just yesterday, a woman paraded in public in all her butt-naked glory – and even boarded a bus in broad daylight.

Witnesses who were present at Bedok told Lianhe Wanbao that they saw a middle-aged woman taking off her clothes piece by piece as she was approaching a bus stop along Bedok Ave 1 on Wednesday evening.

The woman was first spotted at Block 302. While making her way to a bus stop in the rain, witnesses said she stopped halfway, put her bag down on the ground and took off every single piece of clothing she had on her.

The Chinese evening daily reported that the bus stop was crowded at that point in time as well and her jaw-dropping stint caused many to stare at her in disbelief.

The woman continued to walk to the bus stop, as if nothing had happened.

Five minutes later, bus service number 22 approached and witnesses said she casually strolled through the crowd to board the bus.

Upon seeing the naked woman boarding the bus, the driver immediately closed all the doors and called the police.

» Public nudity on the rise in S’pore

» Nudist spotted near McDonald’s
While waiting for the authorities to arrive, the driver went into an “emergency” mode and instructed all male passengers to move to the front half of the bus.

He then instructed the naked woman to move to the back of the bus and positioned the female passengers around her.

One of them even took off her jacket and offered it to the naked woman, who was led away by the police when they arrived at the scene.

The episode lasted for about 45 minutes.

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[SHOCKING] Naked man buy coffee at McDonald at 4am

This naked man walked into a McDonald’s outlet at Ridout Tea Garden to buy a cup of coffee at 4am yesterday (Dec 12).

According to STOMPer Sean, he seemed oblivious to the fact that patrons were staring at him in shock.

He even kicked up a fuss and complained when the counter staff refused to serve him.

Sean says: “This nudist was seen trying to buy coffee at McDonald’s but ended up causing quite a stir.

“”My friends and I were there when we saw the guy coming towards McDonald’s.

“We saw him nude full frontal.

“My friend overheard him ordering a coffee but he wasn’t entertained because of his indecent exposure.

“He went out and called someone, complaining that he wasn’t being served.

“He was outside for about ten minutes before he left.

“He looks like he is in his twenties or early thirties.”

In an email to STOMP (Dec 13), a police spokesperson said:

“Police received a call on 12 Dec 2010 at around 4.35am informing us of a man appearing nude at a McDonald’s outlet in Queensway.

“Upon police’s arrival, the man was spotted naked along Queensway and was placed under arrest.

“He has since been referred to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for psychiatric assessment.”

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Girl was FORCED to strip naked, pose for pictures

Female middle-school students in Taoyuan County ganged up on a fellow student, physically attacked her, forced her to strip and took pictures of her naked in a vicious case of schoolyard bullying, local media reported yesterday.

The victim reported her behavior to her parents on Monday, Dec. 6, who in turn informed the police. The father of the traumatized girl, with the support of county councilors, yesterday came forward with the story of his daughter’s abuse.

With tears in his eyes, the father expressed his shock at the fact that the bullying happened over a period of weeks, was committed on school grounds, in broad daylight and in view of many students, none of whom came forward to defend the girl or report the behavior to teachers.

Representatives of the school said they had already taken the initial, necessary actions when the news first surfaced and would comment no further.

According to police reports, the bullying first started two weeks ago, when the victim was dragged by a ringleader surnamed Chen and two other girls to a courtyard right outside of a classroom at the school.

Chen accused the girl of having a big mouth and telling secrets, hitting her several times while another student kicked her as “punishment.” Although the victim claimed she never told any secrets, Chen refused to believe her.

The bullying was not without witnesses. Chen rounded up three other girls and terrorized the victim in the same courtyard, in view of several people. Chen allegedly threatened the entire class, warning those tempted to tell teachers to “be careful.”

The same afternoon, the girls dragged the victim to the bathroom and ordered her to strip, although Chen reportedly forgot her cell phone that day and couldn’t take pictures. She let the victim go after beating her.

Later, Chen once again dragged the victim to the bathroom, made her strip, and forced her to make a peace sign while taking pictures. Chen proceeded to post the pictures online.

When questioned by the police, Chen admitted to the bullying but claimed she had deleted the pictures from the Internet.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) said the school and its members have cooperated with police investigations. It advised that both the bully and victim receive counseling and proposed that the parents of both students sit down and talk. As for punishment, the MOE said the case is still pending investigation.

– The China Post / Asia News Network
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