[SHOCKING] NUDE maid SEX Chat for extra cash

SINGAPORE – A foreign domestic worker appears nude on webcam with strangers online to earn herself
an extra buck.

The woman, who is Filipino, uses social networking tools such as Facebook and Yahoo! Messenger to engage her sideline activities during working hours, reported STOMP.

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Reader Singapore Citizen who wrote into STOMP claims that she gets paid for appearing nude over the webcam.

The unidentified woman apparently works for a family who lives along Bukit Timah Road.

She accesses the Internet via a laptop and changes accounts all the time.

According to the reader, she is contacted by multiple men over the net and dates some of them. In February 2010, she apparently got pregnant but had an abortion.

Photographs sent in by the reader show her chat conversations and illustrate her activities.

The reader feels that such actions are against the law. He said: “Foreign domestic worker misbehaves herself during her employment.

“She has become like a prostitute and is breaking Singapore regulations for foreign domestic workers.

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