[SEXY] Your Lingerie,Bra,Undies tells your Mood and Character.

The colour of a woman’s lingerie could clue you in to what sort of a lover she is, according to the Daily Mail.

Red means you’re not shy but if you opt for pink, you would never take the lead – white is for willing learners. Find out what else other colours say about her.

If your underwear is white, you are innocent, but open to suggestion. (Photo: Triumph)

Red-coloured underwear means you are passionate, energetic and driven. (Photo: Pierre Cardin)

If your underwear is pink, it means you are romantic, gentle and in need of affection. (Photo: Triumph)

Nude-coloured underwear says you’re relaxed and have nothing to hide. (Photo: Triumph)

Black-coloured underwear means you are powerful but sultry. (Photo: Pierre Cardin)

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