New Sex Games on the Microsoft XBox Kinect?

Motion-detecting sex video games may become a reality for X-rated video game fans.

With the debut of Microsoft’s Kinect, the new body-tracking sensor for the Xbox 360, someone was definitely going to ask: How long until someone makes a Kinect sex game?

That’s the very question posed by both CNet and PC World in recent blog posts.

CNet notes that the device tracks and displays the movements of your full body in games like Dance Central and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. Speculation about the adult market is now taking off online.

But is Kinect really suited for motion-sensing, virtual sex acts? The answer, for now, is no.

Those like Mr Kyle Machulis, who runs a website devoted to the trend of online hanky panky, said that while the gaming console tracks the human body as a whole, it doesn’t look at “major geometric features” on the body.

In other words, it can’t detect certain anatomical features – which doesn’t bode well for X-rated purposes.

Although Mr Machulis believes that a Kinect sex game is going to be challenging, he predicts that someone will find a way to get the job done.

“Microsoft put a ton of work into making the Kinect track the human body as a whole, so you can play games by jumping and running and generally acting the…fool and feel like you’re in the game instead of just sad,” Machulis wrote.

“Genitalia, for the most part, are not a major geometric feature of the human body when taken in perspective of physical size….Neither are they normally used in the control of video games, be they rated [for all] or [for adults only].”

Machulis said he experimented by waving a sex toy in front of a Kinect, and then by wagging his tongue around in front of it, and concluded that the graphics quality isn’t very good, though the device was capable of picking up both the toy and his tongue.

“In short, porn is about sex, but for many customers, it’s also about being able to see the sex in a way that doesn’t make you think, ‘Wait, why does her arm detach completely when her [breast] is in front of it,'” Machulis wrote. “The pattern the Kinect uses to get depth data is made for picking up full bodies to control video games, and therefore isn’t quite so good at picking up minutiae about those bodies.”

Yet, Machulis also points out that because the Kinect is both very good at picking up hand-based gestures and capable of identifying discrete body parts like “manbreasts” (see video below), there is the distinct possibility that the device could be used to digitize–albeit with less than ideal graphics quality–simulated sexual motions.

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