Touch Juliet Breast for GOOD LUCK !!!

#1. STATUE OF JULIET, CASA DI GUILIETTA; VERONA, ITALY: Shakespeare must be rolling in his grave over this one. Visitors to the tragic heroine’s statue rub her right breast in the quest for good luck.

Photos: Bloomberg, Alistair Young, Ashleigh Nushawg, Bjørn Giesenbauer, Chris Major, Gustavo Madico, Ivan Mestrovic, Joe Mazzola, Jorge Lascar, R Barraez D’Lucca, Renaud d’Avout d’Auerstaedt, Steven Newton, Uwe Hermann, Facebook, Internet / Text: Reuters


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Dedicated to all RPG Gamers

A very funny anime dedicated to all RPG players all around the world. A MUST watch video. Story revolve around RPG topics and contents are will make you LOLX.

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