[NEWS] Social or Sex Escort ?

Are Social escorts considered as a job ? Or are they classified as yet another worker of the sex industry ? Other than accompany overseas business clients around the country, do they offer EXTRA services ? ~Bigmouth8

When asked if escorts are any different from prostitutes, her reply was: “Nah, no difference. Prostitute, whore, courtesan, escort – they all have the same meaning.”

SOCIAL-SCIENCE graduate Amber (not her real name), 23, tells her family she is in sales, but works as a social escort.

She felt that making money from working in her family business was “too slow”, and chanced upon a recruitment advertisement by social-escort firm Velvet 6 Management while searching for a better job.

She said: “I didn’t hesitate at all. I read that lots of money can be made in a short time. I had many things I wanted to buy and do, so it became a good source of income.”

Amber has been dolling herself up with make-up and donning mini-dresses to meet clients “practically every day” in the last eight months.

Some have taken her to business dinners, but she has mostly been hired by those who “simply want company in the comfort of a room with a bed”.

Sex is definitely part of it, though it is not promoted openly and she does not charge extra for it, she said.

Although agents take 30 to 40 per cent of her earnings, Amber still earns about $10,000 a month, and has made $12,000 in a good month.

Clients rarely buy her gifts, but a British client once gave her a Swarovski necklace and matching ear studs.

She became quiet when asked about friends in the industry.

She prefers not to get to know other women in the line lest they happen to know her and she constantly fears meeting clients who recognise her, she said.

But, despite this and the health risks, Amber plans to be in the job until she is well into her 30s, because she has a high sex drive and likes to “please clients and make money”.

So, are escorts any different from prostitutes?

Her reply: “Nah, no difference. Prostitute, whore, courtesan, escort – they all have the same meaning.”


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