[ON BUS]NUS Scholar Chong Weien Ejaculate after brushing his private parts on Woman

A TOP graduate blamed his medical condition for ejaculating on the thigh of a woman in a bus but the judge did not buy it.

Two doctors said Chong Weien, 28, suffers from spontaneous ejaculation and is easily aroused even without any physical stimulation.

This cut no ice with District Judge Jill Tan, who said in her judgement: ‘Even if the accused did suffer from a spontaneous ejaculation on the bus, this did not rule out the possibility that he could have brushed his penis against the victim’s thigh as well.’

The judge found him guilty and sentenced him to 15 months in jail and three strokes of the cane on June 19.

Chong has filed an appeal against the conviction and sentence while the prosecution is appealing to the High Court to increase the sentence.

He has a previous similar conviction and was jailed for 15 months and caned three times in 2002

On his release, Chong continued his studies in psychology at the National University of Singapore (NUS). His latest offence was committed in his final year.

On the night of Sept 14, 2006, the victim, a Chinese national studying in a different faculty, boarded a NUS shuttle bus to return to her hostel.

Chong, who was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of shorts and holding a jacket at waist level, pressed his crotch against her in the bus.

She felt something wet on her thigh and demanded to know what he was up to. Both of them then got off the bus.

Her male friend who followed them noticed damp stains on Chong’s jacket and realised that it was semen.

The woman, who cannot be identified as she is a victim in an outrage of modesty case, testified that Chong apologised and promised not to do it again.

Police were called and a DNA test confirmed that the semen on her thigh was his.

The court also heard from two doctors that Chong suffers from spontaneous ejaculation.

Chong’s lawyer Ravinderpal Singh told the court that his client had graduated at the top of his class in 2007 and has been accepted to do a Master’s in clinical psychology at James Cook University in Australia.

The lawyer asked for a minimal sentence without caning.

But Judge Tan noted that Chong had outraged a woman’s modesty on a bus, which she said was ‘an extremely brazen act’.

She felt a maximum sentence was inappropriate as no minor was involved.

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WATCHING porn movies can help cure premature ejaculation, experts said.

Sin Chew Daily reported that a man who was diagnosed with prostatitis went to seek treatment at a hospital in Guizhou, China, and was asked to watch porn movies.

He paid S$120 for the treatment.

Singapore urologist Dr Lin Fa Cai said the hospital might want the patient to masturbate while watching the movies, in order for him to discharge “unhealthy sperm”.

He said the movies used in such treatments were specially selected.

Dr Yang Zhi Jian from a men’s health clinic in Singapore said watching porn films could help as patients learn skills to improve their sex lives.

He, however, said he had never used the method before.

Another sex expert, Dr Yu Wei Siang, said the method could stimulate the production of male hormones.


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