[ SHOCKING ] Conman cheated sex from 70 Facebook Friends

HONG KONG – A CONMAN cheated 70 Facebook friends into having sex with him to wash away his bad luck, reported China Press.

Last Wednesday, a 15-year-old victim “Ah Sze” from Hong Kong discovered the man known as “Ah Dick” had 1,060 nude photos of at least 70 young girls and more than 10 video clips of him having sex with them on his mobile phone.

The daily quoted Ah Sze as saying that Ah Dick claimed that he would pay her HK$48,000 (S$8,100) in exchange for sex to wash away his bad luck. However, Ah Dick disappeared after he had sex with Ah Sze without paying her anything.

Compiled by Nik Mazwan Nik Anis, Rachael Kam and A. Raman
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