[SHOCKING] Sex Card is the latest trendy Card Game

SHANGHAI – You don’t lose money when you lose this card game – you have to strip or perform lewd acts in front of the other players.
That’s the sex card game that has caught on with teenagers in cafes and online in Shanghai but has appalled many parents.

Parents want the game banned, reported Shanghai Daily reported on Saturday.

Losers in the game have to perform lewd acts as illustrated on the cards, a more outrageous variation of famous adult card games like strip poker.

A parent told the newspaper she found one of the game cards in her 16-year-old son’s room.

The card shows two cartoon characters having sex.
‘I have banned my son from watching porn movies and playing porn video games, but it never occurred to me that even card games nowadays are not spared such a theme,’ she told the newspaper.

Many other parents in Shanghai also worry that their children are becoming hooked to the game.

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