Sleeping under blanket may cause Carbon Dioxide Poisoning !!!

Sleeping prolonged under the blanket will result in carbon dioxide poisioning. Over time, the concerntration of carbon dixoide get built up under the small covered blanket.

As carbon dioxide is being produced continuously by the cells of our body. Because of inability of the body in expelling this gas due to exposure to air having high concentrations of carbon dioxide leads to carbon dioxide poisoning.

Re-breathing exhaled air due to conditions like sleeping in air tight tents or sleeping with heads covered in blankets can cause hypercapnia.

Working in confined areas that have poor air circulation as in mines, holds of ships, or underground tunnels and shafts may also raise levels of carbon dioxide in the blood.

Breathing in areas with high levels of carbon dioxide such as areas close to a volcano makes one susceptible to such health problems.

Scuba divers are particularly at risk.

If carbon dioxide is not properly filtered out or in case their breathing equipment malfunctions, divers can suffer from high levels of carbon dioxide in blood. Besides these external conditions, medical conditions like lung diseases, respiratory problems, and neuromuscular disorder can also trigger carbon dioxide poisoning.

Carbon Dioxide Poisoning – Symptoms

Mild carbon dioxide poisoning symptoms are:

•Muscle twitching
•Reduced neural activity
•Flushed skin
•High blood pressure

As the severity of hypercapnia increases, the following carbon dioxide poisoning symptoms may be experienced:

•Elevated rate of cardiac output
•Irregular heartbeat
•Eventually death

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