Fashion Quirky Bra

GONE are the days of the boring bras.
Lingerie designers have pushed the boundaries of the traditional symbol of womanhood with bizzare creations to support causes and suit every mood.
When a major earthquake rattled Japan in March, the bra makers of Triumph came up with “Support Japan Bras”, a nifty two-piece corset and mini-skirt set, which had words of encouragement to earthquake victims.
While some of these novelty bras are not really for sale, our world of favourite little things has just gotten more interesting!
For all the single ladies, a wacky “Marriage Hunting Bra” features a ticking countdown clock to tell you time is running out. But when you do finally get your ring, insert it between your bra cups, and the classic Wedding March will play.
Bras with unique real-life uses have also been created to add colour to our lives. Carry around a chopstick in your bra, or convert it into a face mask or shopping bag. Sounds crazy? There’s more…

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