Conclusion on Why do we say Cheese during a photo shoot?

Nuggets : At London photo studio, the precursor to “say cheese” was actually “say prunes,” to help sitters form a small mouth. A more presentable shape for better photoshoot results.

After doing some research on the web, I have summarized everything into the following few reasons.

1) Firstly, “Cheese” contains the phoneme /i/, a long vowel which makes our lips stretch to make a smile. I’m not very sure why “cheese” was chosen instead of other words to be the universal smiley word.

2)When we say “Cheese”, we mouth tend to form a smile or an impression of a smile,
the corners of your mouth turn up, your cheeks lift and your teeth show.

3)By saying “cheese” we also bare our teeth which is the desired photo pose.

4)It is said that “cheesing” is a slang term for smiling. We also found out that the Persian word “chiz” means “thing,” hence the expression, “This is the real chiz (cheese).”

Nuggets 2 : Picture-perfect smiles weren’t always the norm, says Kotchemidova. The photos of the nineteenth century were ruled by stony, solemn faces. These early photos took their cues from traditional European fine art portraiture, where smiles were only worn by peasants, children and drunks. The etiquette and beauty standards of the time also called for a small, tightly controlled mouth.

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Why is Bruce Lee so powerful ?

FACT:Bruce Lee was so fast that they actually had to s-l-o-w film down so you could see his moves.

Lee was a terrifying real life fighter as well.
Being born in both the year and day of the dragon, it was assumed he was special at an early age.

His accomplishments include…

Breaking out of traditional martial arts. Truly Bruce was the first to truly say that there is no one way that is perfection, only the culmination of philosophy and fighting techniques. Take what works and discard what doesn’t. This is what lead to the MMA movement today, and he was recently honored by the UFC for that fact.

The “one inch punch” powerful enough to destroy a person at only one inch. Not fictional, under goading Lee demonstrated this at least once and sent the man flying into the swimming pool with a large welt on his chest, even though he was wearing heavy padding.

God like speed–through years of training Bruce Lee had strikes almost unparallel in speed. However, he also had power behind them. They actually had to slow down certain filmed portions of his fighting, where most Chinese movies had to comically speed up their “actors”.

Teaching martial arts to the masses–When Lee first came to America he was told not to teach to “non-Chinese” and was challenged when he told them, “I teach who I want”. He chased and beat their selected “Champion“.

Bruce lee was a great if not the greatest known martial artist of our time.
I have seen the man demonstrate in the early 70’s with Bill Wall,Chuck Norris,Bill Wallace,Benny Rodriquez and all those Icons that kick started the martial arts crave in this country.
I seen the one inch punch knock a 270 plus pound-er slide across the floor by this little man.If he wasn’t so good why did all the he roe’s on TV at the time take lessons from the man? He taught Jabbar,Steve McQueen,Elvis and so on.

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Can a Jedi lightsaber cut through Superman?

Short answer: No.

A Jedi lightsaber is plasma contained in a magnetic field. Plasma is basically the form of matter which stars are made of. Pre-Crisis Superman has flown through the heart of a star without being harmed. Therefore… he is immune to plasma.

Post-Crisis Superman was not as invulnerable, e.g. a nuclear explosion would weaken him. Assuming a lightsaber contains power similar to a nuclear explosion, it could similarly disrupt his invulnerability during impact. See FORCE OF IMPACT below.

Superman receives his power from the radiation of our yellow sun, and is weakened when exposed to radiation from a red sun. It is possible that a sith lightsaber, being red, might have similar properties.

Even so, Superboy Prime was defeated after being plunged through Krypton’s red sun – which weakened him, but did not destroy him. Therefore, a red lightsaber which hypothetically had the same properties as a red star should have a similar effect, i.e. it would injure him, but not “cut” him, much less cut through him.

If Superman were rendered vulnerable by a lightsaber, it would likely create a momentary weakness in that spot, allowing the physical impact to cause damage. However, lightsaber blades, being made of plasma, presumably have a very small mass. Therefore, the force of the impact would be negligible.

In short, hitting Superman with a red lightsaber is like hitting a normal human with a wet noodle.

Source 1

Source 2

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$6 Million Home Theater

Ever wonder what a $6 million home theater looks like? Well wonder no more. Pictured is a home theater owned by Jeremy Kipnis, a music engineer/producer. It’s got 39 separate speaker units and 36 amplifiers. The entire equipment list will make you cry (which I have included after the jump for your sobbing pleasure). He plans to sell similar systems to other rich folks like Lucas and Spielburg, but for right now he’s the only one that’s gone so crazy. I mean $6 million for a home theater? If I had that cash I don’t think I’d blow it all on a home theater. I’d buy a strip club. Now that’s an entertainment center that’s fun for the whole family. You know, if you’re single.

A ridiculously long and unbelievable list of the theater’s components after the jump…

The Acoustic Space:
2250 Sq/Ft. Custom Designed, Two-Story Concert Hall with Vaulted Ceiling & Balcony – 1″ Solid Maple Flooring on 4″ tall Pine studs – 12″ spacing, sitting on a solid 16″ reinforced concrete foundation, itself isolated on 4 – 156′ solid steel girders all the way down to bedrock. Features non-parallel walls, ceiling, and floor, with dedicated installed noise isolation system, and acoustic treatments designed to supersede ANSI, SMPTE, AMPAS and AES/EBU noise specifications for professional movie theaters, mixing stages, and anechoic test chambers.

Seating for 3-6 (Arizona Leather Curved Couch & Director’s Chair) or up to 24 (Premium Leather Theatrical Recliners).

Sony SRX-R-110 – 4k (4096 x 2160p) 3-chip SXRD Cine Alta 10,000 ANSI Lumen Theater Projector (short throw Fujinon zoom lens: 1.56-1.90) – Main Projector
Sony Qualia 004 – 1920 x 1080p 3-chip SXRD 2,000 ANSI Lumen Home Theater Projector (short throw Zeiss zoom Lens: 1.43-1.86) – Background Projector
Components (video):
Sony LMT-100 4k Media Block – DCM D-Cinema, X’ Y’ Color Space (Professional Cinema Media Server)
4 – Apple 2.33 GHz MacBook Pros (4k & 2k Digital Media Server)
Sony BDP-S1 Blu-Ray Disc Player
Samsung BDP-1000 Blu-Ray Disc Player
Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray Disc Player
Toshiba HD-A35 HD-DVD Player
Toshiba HD-XA1 HD-DVD Player
JVC HM-DH5U D-VHS Recorder
JVC HM-DH400U D-VHS Recorder
Scientific Atlanta 8300HD Cable DVR (72 hours HD recording via Maxtor 300 Gb External SATA drive)
Pioneer HLD-X0 MUSE Hi-Vision HD LaserVideo Disc player
Sony HIL-C2EX MUSE Hi-Vision HD LaserVideo Disc player
Sony MSC-4000 MUSE Hi-Vision HD Decoder
Mark Levinson No. 51 DVD Media Player
Lumagen Radiance XD HDTV Processor
Gefen 6 x 2 HDMI Switcher

Components (audio):
Theta Casablanca III (c) – 8.8 Digital Surround Sound Processor (All digital In/Out – no video switching!) – 12 Separate Decoding Algorithms
13 – Theta Generation VIII (b) – Twin Channel 8x Oversampling Extreme Balanced Digital to Analog Convertors
ELP Laser Turntable – Plays LPs, 45s, & 78s using five lasers to read the grooves – all analog line-level playback
ELP CEDAR DeNoiser – 192 kHz Analog to Digital Converter with Selectable Surface Noise Reduction
Logitech SlimServer Transporter – 96 kHz / 24-bit Digital Audio Music Server (ultra low jitter = 18 picoseconds RMS @ AES/EBU Output)

10 – Snell THX Music & Cinema Reference Tower Loudspeakers (80 – 20,000 Hz) (originally designed by Kevin Voecks for George Lucas and Tomlinson Holman at Skywalker Ranch as the very first THX Certified Loud Speaker System)
16 – Snell THX Sub-1800 (18″ Passive Ported Subwoofer (1 – 80 Hz)
10 – Murata Super Tweeters – 1/2″ Ceramic Composite Dome (20,000 – 102,500 Hz)
3 – Snell THX Music & Cinema Reference LCR-2800 Center Channels (80 – 20,000 Hz)

30 – McIntosh MC-2102 Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifiers (operating in Bridged-Balanced Mode) – 440 Class A Watts Each
3 – Crown Macro Reference Stereo Amplifiers (operating in Bridged-Balanced Mode) – 2,850 Class A Watts Each
2 – Mark Levinson No. 33H Mono-Block Amplifiers – 145 Class A Watts Each
1 – MESA Boogie Baron Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifier – 660 Watts Each Channel (Projection Booth Monitors)

Stewart Snowmatte Laboratory Grade Unity Gain Motion Picture Screen (4-way Automatic Motorized Masking – 18′ x 10.125′)

A/C Power:
2 – General Electric No. 868 Hi Voltage Transformers (13,800 Volts to 240 Volts / 800 Amperes Each – One for the Analog Components, One for the Digital Components) –
2 – Equitech 100 kVA Toroidal Balancing Isolation Transformers (240 Volts to 120 Volts Balanced = +/- 60 Volts) – Unique All Differential Balanced Power Supply System
2 – General Electric 917 Master Power Panel Boards (40 Amp dedicated Circuit Breakers are used for each and every component) – Total AC isolation for each component, beginning from the street power!

Vibration / Isolation:
43 – Solid Tech Rack of Silence (Primary Spring Suspension Component Isolation System) – Amps, D/A, Components, etc.
120 – Solid Tech Feet of Silence (Secondary Band Suspension Isolation System)
120 – Solid Tech Discs of Silence (Secondary Spring Suspension Isolation System)
240 – UltraSonic 45 Tube Dampers (a titanium C-ring holds microphonics absorbing Homopolymer isolation pads against the vacuum tube bulbs)
240 – UltraSonic 9 Tube Dampers (Fiberglass/carbon microfiber sleeves surrounding the pads enable a firm grip on the bulb glass. For continuous use to 525°.F (274°.C)
16 – Auralex Sub Dude Speaker Isolation Stands (Snell M & C Towers & Crossover Arrays)
10 – Auralex Great Gramma Speaker Isolation Stands (Snell Sub-1800 Woofer Arrays)
3 – Auralex Gramma Speaker Isolation Stands (Snell LCR-2800 Center Channel Arrays)

Cardas Neutral Reference (All Balanced, identical lengths for each and every component, Analog – Digital – Power – Control – Video)

30 – Hi-Fi Tuning Gold/Ceramic Fuses (Used in all components requiring a fuse)

38 – Chauvet ColorSplash 200B LED Flood Lights (196 – 1 mm Red, Green, & Blue Computer Controlled & Automated LEDs) – 45 degree flood, 15 watts each, no noise or heat!
27 – Chauvet ColorRain PAR 56 LED Spot Lights (99 – 10 mm Red, Green, & Blue Computer Controlled & Automated LEDs) – 15 degree spot.
1 – Chauvet Show Express Plus – 512+ DMX Channel Computer Controlled Stage Lighting System

Acoustic Treatment:
2400 Sq Feet – Auralex 4″ Acoustic Wedge Foam (applied to all exposed surfaces on the ceiling, walls, and doors) – in Deep Purple, to eliminate screen splash-back and subsequent black level washout and loss of true contrast ratio.


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