[FACT] Bad Date SECRETS,TIPS Revealed

Ever wondered why you are perpetually single, despite going on dates? It could be that you don’t really know how to navigate dating, or maybe you don’t put yourself across very well on a first date. Here are some signs that you aren’t particularly good at dating and may need to brush up on your skills.


You don’t bother getting dressed up or make an effort for a date. While you may feel more comfortable wearing any old thing you decide to throw on, it begs the question: why would he take you on another date if you can’t be bothered to make an effort and look good? Make sure you look presentable.

You’re late

Not only have you not made an effort to look respectable, but you are also running late. Except in specific circumstances, there is not excuse to be late. You have a phone, you have a watch so make sure you keep track of your time management and call if you think you’re going to be late. If it happens more than once, you sending the other person a message they are less important than you or what you were doing.

Me, me, me

You may or may not notice it, but many people rattle on far too much about themselves, leaving the other person wondering when on Earth you are ever going to be quiet. If you’re known to be a bit of a chatterbox or your favorite topic is yourself, then you may want to change your tune. Don’t let it be a one way conversation and they are the audience. You want to engage the person not bore them to death.

Table manners

You were brought up, not dragged up, so make sure that you’re on top of your table manners. Don’t pick food from his plate (unless he offers), don’t slurp your food or drinks, don’t be rude to waiters belch or anything else that you would do in the privacy of your home, alone. Oh, and your phone – just switch it off. There is nothing worse than someone who answers their phone while on a date.


Do you repeat the dreaded one-liners or rehearsed lines that make people cringe? Try to come up with original witty lines and jokes, rather than the stuff that has been heard a million times and will likely cause the person to roll their eyes at you. You’re unlikely to get a response from your advances.

You know their every move

Perhaps you check up on your date a couple of days after meeting? However, rather than make a call or drop a text like most people, you follow their every move on any social media site they are signed up to and know what they are doing, when and where. It’s a little creepy, stalker behaviour and quite frankly not going to get you another date if you’re sprung

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