Obesity and Alcohol cause liver problems

Do you really believe obesity could cause the liver problem? It is well known that alcohol consumption is the main reason for the highly risked liver problems but the recent study results are really surprising many as even the obesity would cause such problems on liver.

The term “Cirrhosis of the liver” is the rapidly increasing health problem in both men and women in the UK and even in the rest of the world. The recent study has noted that this disease is dangerous as it would even cause death. Alcohol is the main cause of this deadly disease and even Body Mass Index (BMI) is the other factor which would cause cirrhosis.

The relative increase in BMI on women is highly related to the increase in risk of cirrhosis. It is estimated that increase of 28% risk for cirrhosis for every 5 unit increase in the individuals BMI. The study also indicates that the rate of causing cirrhosis by alcohol is 42% where as obesity and increase BMI attributes around 17% of fatal liver cases.

So in order to protect your liver, it is necessary to maintain the proper BMI. Excess amount of alcohol gives you many health problems and consumption of alcohol should be limited in order to get longer life.

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