[SHOCKING] Naked University Model Su Zizi’s Story

Her poverty, forced relocation, naked modelling and a prestigious college education are all ingredients for a good story, but is it true?

Her experience even made me feel guilty because I still needed my parents’ support when I was her age and studying at the same university that she now attends.

However, her actions have been increasingly astonishing and I am starting to wonder whether she is all she says she is.

After her name became well known, Su got naked for a group interview in an aquarium fish store.

Her naked pictures have also regularly been posted online. She says she is an artist rather than a model and said the interview was just her creation.

I have no problem with any model willing to get naked for the sake of art.

But it is doubtful that the 19-year-old woman really meant that, since she had made so many paradoxical statements about her life.

In a video interview released online last month, which promoted her for the first time, Su Zizi, crying, said she had to become a naked model in early 2010 because she needed the money as her family was destitute and she could not even afford her tuition fees.

Su also said her family home had been forcefully torn down and that she had to deal with everything by herself. Her modeling was her only source of income, she claimed.

I can’t say what she said is not true, still, I have some doubts.

If it was all true, how did she manage to get into a prestigious university? And how did she manage to pay her tuition? In normal circumstances, her tuition as an arts student would be more than 10,000 yuan a year.

Maybe it is a profitable job to be a naked model but I still feel confused because in China most students from needy families would not choose an art major because the major costs more than others. Military or normal colleges are more popular choices for people from poor families.

But Su said she began to learn drawing when she was a 7-year-old, which would cost even more, including paraphernalia and tutor fees. How could her family support her education throughout these years, if her father only earned about 1,000 yuan each month, as Su claimed?

In China, plenty of young women become naked models silently and few of them get famous just because of the job.

Poverty, forced relocation, naked modeling, prestigious college. Each is eye-catching and attracts media and audience attention, which makes me think the girl is making up her story just to get famous. Without those tags, she is just a young woman.

What made me doubt her even more is that Su now claims she is doing it all for the art, instead of the money as she previously claimed. Which one is her real motive? Maybe the real answer is not important any more.

It will not be a problem to survive in the business for her now and more interviews await. But it is very likely that the story of Su Zizi is no more than another flash in the pan in today’s showbiz world.

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