Lemon good for skin

Lemon juice is an acid, which can dry up our skin very fast. When it is used inappropriately, it may even burn it. It’s not BAD for your skin, but you definitely shouldn’t wash your whole face with the lemon juice; dry skin all over isn’t good. The following are some advices found the web and I have summaries them for the ease of everyone.

What you SHOULD do with lemon juice.

1. Wash your face with a facial cleanser you prefer (most dermatologists will suggest cetaphil, but just test out different cleansers. Make sure your cleanser doesn’t leave your skin either oily or dry.)

2. Dry your face by dabbing at it with a towel. Don’t wipe it down. Make sure it’s completely dry.

3. Place lemon juice on your problem spots using a cotton ball or Qtip(pimples, oily parts of your face, bumps, or anything you want dried out)

4. The lemon juice will dry out those spots; don’t put lotion on the same spots you put the lemon juice on, because it will cancel the actions out. If your skin starts becoming irritated, really red, extremely itchy, or you get a rash, wash off the lemon juice. It’s alright if it burns A TINY BIT, because it’s just drying up the spots.
With the lemon juice on your face now, I’d suggest washing it off so you don’t hurt anything on your face.

Lemon is good for the skin.. It contains vitamins especially vitamin c which helps everything including the skin we have.

1. You should be drinking it (the juice from one or two lemons a day make a big difference). Make sure that you rinse your mouth and teeth well.

2. For acne you ought to start out with a real soapy washcloth and hot water. Rub your face delicately and then rinse with cool water.

3. Change your pillow cases once a day if you really have a lot of acne.

4. Drink more water during the day and cut out the sugary beverages andcandy bars that you may be eating. Don’t eat fried foods like those delicious frence fries and potatoe chips,

Eat an apple a day.
Eat beans a few days a week to substitute red meat which is high in fats. Oh, You should have about two table spoonfulls of any kind of yogurt per day,
You will feel a lot better if you can manage to do these things, they are positive for your skin.

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  1. Anonymous

    U don't heLp so much

  2. It means that excessive use of lemon juice in direct contact with the skin can do more harm than good. There are a lot of less harsh fruits and vegetables for healthier skin. Let's say that lemon should just complement them. In any case, the single best advice we can get is the one from our dermatologist.

  3. Hi… i applied this on my face doesnt effect….after that my brother “Arun” tell me to put POTTTY (Tatti) to apply on face… and miracle…. i looks like real canadian now…. yeaaaaahhhhhhh…… try tatti , not lemon

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