World Biggest Natural Breast is 72ZZZ

If you live in Atlanda, Georgia you will have heard of the Guinness World Records holder norma Stitz also known as Annie Hawkins. As a bachelor of Social Work under Jackson State University
her name may sound very normal nothing special. Till early 1990’s, when she started to send in
photos showcasing her big boobs which was published on 1994. Her boobs do really sells, she managed to be the covergirl of varies magazines and by 1997, she had her very own movie as well.

Only until 1999, Guiness World Records declared her as the world’s biggest natural breast and the only person who own the largest bra. The measurement taken at that time was 70-48-52.
Her bra size was 48V. Each tit weighed 28 pounds and she weighed 270. Since then her tits have grown up to 72ZZZ and she tops the scale at 345 pounds.

She maybe pooping these Pills before they exploded in size.

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  1. this really make you WoW

  2. so big, i feel a lil sick…

  3. Anonymous

    looks like hippo …

  4. woah….it's tooo big !!!

  5. i want those boobs

  6. Anonymous

    I can't stop cumming.

  7. Anonymous

    WHAT THE ****!
    that is so sick
    not jk

  8. Anonymous

    i want that more than anything.i would give anything for those.

  9. Anonymous


  10. Anonymous

    Sure, however she is a large woman to begin with. Now what about a small five foot woman 145lbs with unnaturaly large breasts? Shouldn't we consider size over matter/mass? In what way do we measure such a thing?

  11. Anonymous

    Her weight has nothing to do with it. Stop being a fuckin douchebag

  12. Anonymous

    Her weight had a LOT to to with it….that's a fact. Breasts are a large mass of fatty tissue to begin with…if you get fat some gets stored in the breasts. This Woman is “large and in charge” so a lot of her beast size has to do with her obesity.

  13. Anonymous

    No shit Sherloc. Everyone knows that you measure breasts in mass of Fatty Tissue. And it just so happends that her mass of breasts are the largest so far. SO get off your damn high horse and leasn to humble yourself a little bit. WORLD'S LARGEST NATURAL BREASTS. It is in the name. Dumbfuck.

  14. Anonymous

    men prefer fake tits cuz they don,t droup

  15. Too BIG for me….

  16. Anonymous


  17. Anonymous

    “Sure, however she is a large woman to begin with. Now what about a small five foot woman 145lbs with unnaturaly large breasts? Shouldn't we consider size over matter/mass? In what way do we measure such a thing?”
    Would you consider a 119lb woman with 32DDDD to be big? Because that's me. I can wear either a 32DDD or 32DDDD bra, but both are rather hard to find.

  18. Anonymous

    sounds like an anonymous commenter is only commenting to himself. lol Oh, wait! I am talking to myself, and have been for over a year!

  19. Anonymous

    i find that very disturbing. ugh. her titties are just too HUGE and they SAAAGGGGG! ew. when she walks, her boobies look like a part of her belly. like so wtf

  20. Anonymous

    my little grandson he just hit his 1st b day he would love them get lost in there he loves pulling down the tops

  21. Anonymous

    it is big size normal size will be good

  22. Anonymous

    i love it mennnn

  23. Anonymous

    this chick will probably just eat more, get 500lbs in weight then re break her record…… anyways, those are fucking gross, im all for big boobs but those would just get in the way

  24. Anonymous


  25. Anonymous

    all i can say is … nothing … i just want to get touch and suck them

  26. Anonymous

    I don't see what's so sexy here. When you get fat the fat goes everywhere, she looks like she more in common with Jabba the Hut than she does with Marilyn Monroe!

  27. Anonymous

    omgg & i thought that i was bigg =D

  28. Anonymous

    Theirs a such thing as too big of tits

  29. Anonymous

    fat a**

  30. Anonymous

    omg lucky guy who gets to play with them

  31. Anonymous

    some of you are jurks this lady is so sexy keep it up norma.

  32. Anonymous

    That lucky guy dont need to buy a pillow

  33. Anonymous

    She MUST have a snatch to match.

  34. Anonymous

    I'm a big breasted woman (52DD)and I feel sorry for that woman. As a big breasted woman I have a bad back. I'm very proud of my breast (the good lord gave my breast to me) !

  35. Anonymous

    nice i wanna fuck those tits

  36. Anonymous

    Even though she is large her cup size is based on that. They measure underneath the boobs which would be the band size 72 so underneath her breasts is 72 inches around. Then every inch after that when measuring around her actual boobs is what adds up to the large cup size. Each inch is a cup size, for instance if you are 34 inches under your beasts and 36 inches around the center of your breasts then you are a 34 B. Get it?

  37. Anonymous

    Spell check… Atlanta…. popping pills..not pooping LOL… WOW

  38. Anonymous

    Your a fagg she wouldnt go with an old guy with a saggy penis!!!!

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