What actually caused Michael Jackson death?

Fact 1: Michael Jackson suffered cardiac arrest, a condition that can lead to death if not treated within five minutes, according to doctors.

Fact 2:Michael Jackson had reportedly been taking painkillers for several months as he struggled to get in shape for his comeback performances.

Fact 3 :He got hooked on pills like Xanax(treat anxiety and panic disorder),Demerol, morphine and painkillers.

Michael Jackson‘s death came as a shock yesterday – but to some, the real surprise was that he made it to 50.For much of his adult life, he seemed to be disintegrating before our eyes – gaunt, pale, in a wheelchair or bandaged from yet another surgery.He battled an addiction to painkillers and could barely sit up straight at times during his 2005 child molestation trial.

The London Sun said Jackson’s collapse yesterday came after injecting Demerol. The Jackson family lawyer, Brian Oxman, said he warned the pop star about his misuse of prescription drugs. “Cardiac arrest refers broadly to when your heart just no longer pumps blood,” In most cases, the heart beats so chaotically it stops functioning, leading to unconsciousness. Sometimes it gets extremely weak and quivers uselessly.

Speculation about Michael Jackson’s… mysterious death might have been caused by a lethal injection of pain-killing drugs.The British Sun tabloid reported that Jackson aides told emergency room doctors at , where he died, that the star had collapsed after an injection of Demerol – a powerful pain killing drug similar to morphine and known to carry a risk of cardiac arrest.”Shortly after taking the Demerol he started to experience slow shallow breathing,” the newspaper quoted one source as saying. “

His breathing gradually got slower and slower until it stopped.” Hospital officials haven’t confirmed that account. Jackson family lawyer Brian Oxman told CNN Jackson’s sudden death “is not something which has been unexpected….I can tell you for sure that this is something I warned about.” Oxman said Jackson had been struggling to cope with pain from several performance injuries, including a damaged vertebra and a broken leg, which had been interrupting scheduled rehearsal for his upcoming London tour dates.

“This family has been trying for months and months to take care of Michael Jackson,” Oxman said. “The people who have surrounded him have been enabling him. If you think that the case of Anna Nicole Smith was an abuse, it is nothing compared to what we have seen taking place in Michael Jackson’s life.” The singer reportedly got hooked on Demerol and morphine during his 2003 trial for child sex abuse.”It is believed he suffered cardiac arrest in his home. However, the cause of his death is unknown until results of the autopsy are known,” his brother Jermaine said. Here are some of his news and his great performance :

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